E-Scooter App Development: A Complete Guide

e-scooter app development


Rise of on-demand app development

E-scooter app development growth is backed by the positive industry trend. 

Growing consumerism, and the increasing ease of access and delivery of products and services is fuelling the need of developing more and more on-demand apps. The travel and commutation market has on-demand app development centered at the heart of it. 

India, a society rooted in culture and habits, is now accepting technology in its day to day life. Food, cabs, plumbers, e-scooters, parcels, all available online and on-demand. Highly-convenient and user friendly, these applications are now changing the way we live.  E-scooter app development as a category has also seen a surge backed by the growth of the on-demand industry. 

Millennials make up nearly half of on-demand customers  

On-Demand Apps

Source: Harvard Business Review


E-Scooter Industry in India 

The Indian E-scooter app development industry is garnering support from funding venture capitalists, government tax benefits and consumer demand. EV adoption in India over the next 3-5 years is going to be largely driven by the two and three wheeler segment. 

The Li-Ion battery makes up 50% of the total EV cost and the prices of this battery are falling in the market. Thereby, making it more affordable for manufacturers and consumers. The cost per-km of e-scooters will be affected by this.  

E-scooter app development is the next revolution. People are looking for ease and convenience. Especially useful for daily work-commuting, or anywhere you can’t afford to be late, scooter-sharing apps will be the answer. The on-demand market is experiencing a steep rise in demand and is reaching a valuable point. 

According to a survey, the global micro-mobility market has a size of over 2.55 Billion US Dollars in 2019

 Follow this guide to build your e-scooter app and be a part of this revolution. 

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 What does it take to build an E-Scooter App?


E-scooter app development takes expertise and great technological engineering. You must focus on 

  • Front end: The design, development and sync for users 

  • Back end: Data storage and integration. Version control and server management. 

  • UX/UI: Create a visual that suits your brand and lets the user navigate effortlessly. 

  • Testing: Before launching the app on various platforms, run every possible test and improve your e-scooter application.



  (and why should you go for e-scooter app development) 


One of the main reasons anyone will opt for an on-demand e-scooter, is the affordability. With the hike in global oil and gas prices, more and more people will make the switch to EVs. Cabs are also not the most affordable option. Scooter-sharing apps will allow people to commute without owning a personal vehicle. 

Skip the traffic; honestly who has the time for it

 Zip through the traffic and never be late to work or school. Save time and you’ll thank yourself. 

Green and Clean

 Zero carbon-emission. Lead a healthier life by doing your bit for the planet. AQI and Pollution, E-scooters can battle these out.

Easy to Ride

Such a relief that you won’t need months of training to drive yourself around. Plus it’s lightweight and compact in comparison to other vehicles. 

Intra-Campus Rides

Save your steps and your energy for that boring Monday morning lecture. Commute in your college campus with e-scooters and be kind to yourself. 

Develop your e-scooter application with Coruscate 



E-Scooter Features

For an easy process of your e-scooter app development add these features;


Minimize every hassle that there could be. It should not take longer than a minute to on-board a new customer. If a customer experiences friction at the time of onboarding, chances are, they will quit the application.

Maps and Locating the E-Scooter: 

A core feature to your e-scooter app development is the map. The customers will need to locate the scooters nearest to them. Map integration is available for Android and iOS platforms and if you are looking to develop one, Coruscate offers just that. 

GPS Tracking :  

Make sure that people can track their ride and the real-time location of the e-scooter. Making the experience as smooth as possible.  Monitoring the route and never losing the location of their bike, will add value to their ride.  

Payment Modes and Options: 

Allow the users to pay through different modes. Make it as easy as possible. Razorpay, PayPal, UPI etc are some of the available options. The payments quick be quick and a confirmation message should display in less than 2 seconds of receiving the payment. 

The immediate confirmation of payments is what keeps the trust of the customer. You cannot afford to not have the most secure and fast payment gateway for your customers. 

Ride stats and history 

Allow users to store and review their trips in the application. They can calculate their expenses and keep track of their destinations. It is also an important safety feature.  A criminally underrated tool, this is something you must incorporate in your e-scooter app development 

Saved Destinations: 

Making the day to day use easier, the users can save their most frequented destination so that they don’t have to search and fill everyday. One click and it’s done. 

Improves the experience of the user as they have to spend less time just setting up and looking for their ride. 

Customer Support:

This could be a game-changer for your application and turn it into a well-known brand. Address those enquiries and complaints. Make the interface easy and response time minimum. This is really where you can create an edge. 

Add this feature while developing your e-scooter application and you will not regret it. 

UX/UI of the application

Keep two things in mind while creating UX/UI graphics. It should reflect your brand communication and look appealing to the user. The navigation should be easy and colors of the brand should be in alignment with its identity and message. If you are looking to create an incredible interface for your on-demand e-scooter application, you should check out Coruscate.

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Short answer: 

It typically depends on the number of hours it would take to develop the application and the level of expertise you hire for the role.  If you are looking to build a top-notch e-scooter application, it can cost you around $20,000 on the lower side. 

Long Answer:

Various factors determine the cost of e-scooter app development Primary ones being,

  • Geographical Location 
  • Number of Features added 
  • UX/UI Design 
  • Technology enabling 
  • Target Platform (Android or iOS)

It is a subjective value and requires consultation. To book yours, visit Coruscate. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and send a budget plan based on your requirements. 

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To ensure that the application is fully integrated with the e-scooter, you will need to have these functional items installed in your e-scooters. 

  • GPS Tracking Device : To allow tracking and locating of the e-scooter 
  • Battery Meter : To display the battery health and percentage. 
  • Lights that can be controlled from the application
  • Distance meter: To measure the distance an e-scooter has traveled. 
  • QR Scanner: To act as a key and start trips from the app. The users can scan the code of lock and unlock the e-scooter. 

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Acquiring User Base

The space is becoming increasingly competitive. Considering the high valuation and funding on-demand e-scooter applications are raising, stepping into the market and gaining market share is going to be an uphill challenge. 

Data Storage

You will be dealing with heavy data inflow and the responsibility to store and process it as securely as possible, is huge. You need technical assistance and expertise to ensure it comes together well.  This is an important point to keep in mind the process of e-scooter app development. 

Government Regulations

Authorities on different levels will impose regulations on the e-scooter industry. Keeping track and updating your policies to customers from time to time will require attention. You need to devise strategies that do not offend the law.

App Advertising:

Once your on-demand application hits the ground running, marketing and advertising will determine a great extent of the success. Understand your target market and create the best marketing campaigns for it. 

Inexperienced Developer:

If you end up hiring the wrong developer, who may not understand your requirements or delivers substandard performance, the challenge becomes real. Ensure that you hire someone who can solve problems and bring new ideas to the table while in process of the e-scooter app development. 

Parking Issues:

As an e-scooter sharing app company, you will need adequate parking spaces and the e-scooters must be made available in as many locations as possible. 

Safety Issues:

Indian roads barely have any pedestrian friendly walkabouts and passages. Driving e-scooters without helmets and traffic sense is dangerous. The mechanism of the product and app features should have enough safety measures and emergency buttons. 

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Finding the right agency partner can be difficult. You need someone who understands your vision and brand purpose. Equipped with expert technical knowledge of e-scooter app development and the understanding of branding, you need a partner just as passionate about the project as you are.

At Coruscate, we dedicate ourselves to creating a clear vision plan, as to how we see the brand in the long-run. Exactly how will the product improve the lives of many and work along the lines of your mission. 

Unparalleled expertise and years of experience, we combine it all to bring to you, only the best. We fight real business challenges and come up with solutions that are backed by technology and data. 

Why you should partner with us

  • Competitive pricing
  • Technical Expertise
  • Proven records of success
  • Focus on brand vision in the long-run
  • Distinctive UX/UI Design

Know more: https://www.coruscatesolution.com/ 



Ashneer Grover Quote

Indian roads and consumers are unique. It is not advisable to adapt a model that is not made-to-fit to the market. In an understanding of this context, here are a few suggestions for your e-scooter app development. 

Free Trials

Give 30 minutes of free ride to a new user, where she/he can drive the e-scooter around and get the hang of it. New drivers and users can get comfortable with driving before heading out in the traffic. Basically, a small practice session. 

Add stops

 Many ride-hailing apps have the feature of adding stops to their destination. Developing this for your e-scooter application, will increase the utility value of customers. The QR Lock should also have a temporary lock that reserves the e-scooter for 10 minutes at a stop. The rider can come back and restart their ride and move on to their destination.

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Trip Insurance

Gaining the trust of an Indian consumer and making them try new technology is not easy. Minimize their risk by providing insurance. In case the e-scooter stops working or any technical error occurs, offer a reimbursement. 


Even though e-scooters are largely popular in select metropolitan cities of India at the moment, the need for budget friendly transport is not limited to these areas. Offering interfaces in multiple languages will widen the market and make the service accessible to a larger group of people.

Lite Versions

Develop lite versions of the e-scooter app, for areas of low bandwidth and low strength networks. This will allow quick installation of the apps using less data. To create multiple versions of your e-scooter sharing app on multiple platforms, book a consultation with us here: www.coruscatesolution.com 



Now an investor’s favorite space, e-scooters are being funded heavily. Industry leaders are unicorn start-ups. The annual growth rate of this industry is 7.6%

The key profit drivers of e-scooter app development industry are: 

Low Competition

There are limited players in the industry at this time. Early movers gain the advantage of establishing themselves before competitors. This is an interesting space with a lot of scope.

Fast ROI

In comparison to the product market, where investment is high and returns are slow, e-scooter applications have faster returns. The one-time cost of e-scooters will be retrieved in a few years. E-scooter app development is a rising trend because of such factors. 

Global Demand

There is increasing demand for e-scooters and micro-mobility services across the globe. Contributed by various factors like hike in fuel prices and the need of easier means of transportation, the possibilities are endless. Local and international markets are looking for more options in this service segment. 

Technological Infrastructure

Of all the times anyone would want to develop on-demand applications, now has never been better. The Indian market has experienced internet penetration at a deep level. Access to the internet and smartphones is better than ever. People can access these applications at their fingertips. 

Positive Unit Economics

Overall revenue is higher than daily expenses. This aspect interests the investors and entrepreneurs alike. This is a growing space and can easily dominate the micro-mobility market in a few years. 

On the other hand, app development agencies in India, offer a full scope of technical infrastructure to create these applications. Folks at Coruscate, enable businesses to get an edge in the market with the help of technology. 



Lime is an American company that provides e-scooter rentals at low prices.  $1 to unlock the ride and $0.15 every minute of usage. The users must be above 18 years of age and carry a valid license and a helmet. 

Lime scooter app is a trail-blazing effort in improving and revolutionizing micro-mobility. Backed by the vision of making budget-friendly commute an option for all communities, it looks to change our habits. 

By relying less on fuel-driven automobiles, we can leave a cleaner and healthier planet for the next generation. 


  • GPS Tracking : Allows users to spot and access their bikes and track while using. The navigation suggests better routes to the destination. 
  • Lime Points: A reward system where riders collect points and enjoy benefits. 
  • Ride Summary: A page similar to Uber trip summary, where you see summary and past rides. 
  • Notifications: The riders are notified of low battery and no parking areas. 
  • Scooter Screens: A high quality display screen for route navigation and other notifications.  

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Based on many consumer reviews, and rider feedback, there seems to be a problem with the interface which the app can improve. 

  • Scooter battery life and distance: Riders should know whether or not the remaining battery status will be enough to make it to the destination. 
  • Real-time location: Riders should be able to locate their e-scooters in real-time and the closest e-scooter should be clearly visible on the map, allowing the user to walk to it. 
  • Speed-limit: Set a speed-limit for new e-scooter users and let them get used to the vehicle.

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