Why are Scooter-Sharing Apps so Popular?

Scooter-Sharing Apps

E-scooters and other fuel-less vehicles are creating a revolution globally. Let us understand how and why exactly are scooter-sharing apps so popular.


Simply put, the number 1 reason why scooter-sharing apps usage is gaining popularity, is that it fits into every budget. It saves a lot of money on a monthly and annual basis. For people who commute daily, these on-demand apps allow commuting on a fraction of the price of cabs and other fuel-driven vehicles.


It is simple to hop on an e-scooter and is much easier to drive as compared to bulky, fuel-intensive vehicles. You don’t need months of training only a few spins around your home, will be enough for you to get a hold of it.


Given how compact e-scooters are, you can slip it in every corner and take shorter routes to your destination. It saves you time, especially when you are running late. But, be careful when you are driving as e-scooters are not that protective, you don’t want to risk anything.


Even though Uber and other on-demand apps promised to eliminate haggling between drivers and passengers, it does exist in India. Drivers reject rides and sometimes are rude to passengers. They may take longer routes to increase the fare and so on. scooter-sharing apps are simple and you don’t deal with any driver trying to make the most money off of you.

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Customers at this point are well-acquainted with the on-demand apps technology. They are already using apps that provide similar services. Thus, customers are demanding the e-scooter version of it. Especially with the younger group, they see the need for budget-friendly and easy rides. At this point, scooter-sharing apps are customer driven services and companies are simply catching up to it.

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