Reimagining urban mobility with
DABEEB an e-scooter rental app

How the concept was born?

Just like any other country, cities of Saudi Arabia, in general, are witnessing manychallenges of road safety and traffic congestion.

Jeddah is one such city of Saudi Arabia, where two university students came up withan idea of launching an e-scooter sharing platform to deal with these problems. Becausethe e-scooters are fuel-efficient, easy to handle, support the environment and are alsofeasible to use and move around in the traffic due to their compact size.

The founders of the Dabeeb got an inspiration to jump into the micro-mobility industry whenthey found it difficult to commute within the university campus. Dabeeb works with cities,universities and complements existing transit systems.

Client Requirements

  • Comfortable and safer ride for users
  • High quality and reliable hardware
  • Monitor user activity on a real-time basis
  • Visualize and analyze the data of connected devices
  • Hassle-free booking of a vehicle
  • Control speed and mobility of vehicles

Our course of action

After understanding the concept, the first thing we did was to research market trends and users’ behavior over there.

Saudi Arabia is already including the smart micro-mobility and smart mobility projects into urban planning as the first step in making smart cities. Daily commuters, university students and tourists were the core userbase.

Comprehensive Solution

Business Solution

When the client approached us with an idea, their initial plan was to start with an e-scooter. But our business experts suggested adding an e-bike on the fleet to commute the diverse userbase.

We also suggested them to add services like dock free rental and door to door mobility so that users don’t have to worry about traffic or finding a parking station constantly and can leave ride safely at their destination.

Hardware Solution

e-scooter hardware is as important as e-scooter software (e-scooter mobile app). As per the requirement, we suggested them to use two different fleet-Okai scooters and Omni scooters.

These e-scooters come with the latest IoT controller, allows an e-scooter app development company to accommodate some groundbreaking features in the app which include theft alarm, high-speed alert, alert while approaching the restricted area, damage detection, and full remote access.

Application Solution:

Features Provided

Admin Panel

  • Weblink
  • View, edit or delete the user profile
  • Track real-time movement of the vehicle through Geo-fencing
  • Monitor damaged vehicle
  • Show ongoing, completed, reserved and canceled rides
  • Show invoice of every ride
  • Show all the successful, failed and pending payments with ride details
  • Help and support

User Panel

  • login/registration through a social media platform
  • Manage profile
  • Online payment method
  • Find nearby scooters
  • Scan QR code to unlock the scooter
  • Real-time GPS navigation
  • Lock a scooter to end the ride
  • User feedback
  • Push notification

Challenges Faced

Since they were dealing with multiple vehicles simultaneously (e-scooter and e-bikes), the main challenge we faced was to make a single platform that is compatible with multiple vehicles.

But our technical team worked hard to solve the issue. We developed a platform that is not only compatible with multiple vehicles but has a distinct pricing module for each vehicle.

We designed the app in such a way that one QR code will redirect users to the app store or website based on their device.

How does the app work?

  • Open the app
  • find a nearby Dabeeb (electric scooter) on the map
  • Unlock your ride by scanning the QR code or entering the ID
  • Take a ride to your destination
  • Once you’ve arrived, park and lock your ride safely out of the way of foot traffic

Technologies Used

iOS Application
Android Application

Fly Rentals E-Scooter App Can run effectively on the following mentioned platform