Get world-class iOS App Solutions for your Ideas

Been on the groove for the longest time possible, iOS is perhaps the most sought
after operating system by businesses and the gaming industry alike. For want of
better user experiences, and simple interfaces, iOS keeps updating and upgrading itself,
and Coruscate attempts to keep up with the latest updates. Coruscate offers simple,
real and usable iOS app solutions for your validated and complex ideas.

Moving towards experiences with iOS

Here’s what was discussed during the recent Apple event WWDC 2018

  • Better performance and optimized system for iOS dwellers
  • The all new ARkit 2.0 which will help realize your AR app ideas and make them a reality. A new file for Augmented Reality known as USDZ
  • Improve the image discovery ability, and enhance the photo apps by supporting JPEG
  • Augmenting Siri for the lockscreen. Get suggestions on your screen to send a text to the person who would not want you to miss a meeting.
  • The new WatchOS 5 was released during the event, which will make creating fitness apps and solutions easier for the developers. The enhancement in the OS will create better support for these apps

We work in 5 simple steps

How does Coruscate’s on-demand taxi app development prove to be a time saver?

Requirement check

We understand each business, be it B2B or B2C, is unique and has different requirements. So, we have a dedicated team to study your specific requirements in detail. We identify the goals that you want to achieve through the taxi app development.

Requirement check

Planning and Designing

Based on your requirements, we plan unique strategies for your taxi booking app development. We pay attention to each little detail while designing the app right from the UX to each module. We sketch the wireframes and set everything in the designs before putting it up in the app. We believe if the design is perfect, your taxi app development is half done.

Planning and Designing

Front-end Development

The Front-end is nothing but your app’s interface. It needs to be user-oriented and should be given a lot of importance. This is what your user is actually going to identify your services through. We incorporate the designed interface in the actual app.The Front-end is nothing but your app’s interface. It needs to be user-oriented and should be given a lot of importance. This is what your user is actually going to identify your services through. We incorporate the designed interface in the actual app.

Front end Development

Back-end Development

The data storage is an extremely important part of your taxi app development. Your app can work efficiently only if the database is stronger. So, we use the latest robust technologies to design the database and our developers work with the best API solutions and define the best strategies to implement them in your app.

Back end Development

Testing and Implementation

We deploy rigorous testing methods to remove all the bugs from your taxi booking app. We also ensure the app adheres to the defined set of rules of the App Store before launching it on the App Store.

Testing and Implementation

Services We Offer

Phone App Development

We keep updating our iPhone app solutions to meet your evolving business requirements, and the continuously changing iPhone world

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