The Center Court

The Centre Court was started in 1998 to craft the finest of foods using only fresh and
natural ingredients. There is only one constant at The Centre Court which is “Quality”?,
cutting all the other noises out.

The client is into bakery as well as fine-dine.

Business Problems

For the bakery:

The bakery had to simultaneously manage the bakery production as well as the delivery of the cakes. They had a said timeline for the delivery, and they wanted it to be communicated to the buyers.

The cake pricing was also dependent on four factors

  • The flavor
  • The design
  • Eggless/egg
  • The additional charges, depending on the type of cake
  • The delivery time

The pricing should be displayed as soon as the user makes all the choices

There were design issues in the existing system. The UI was not user-friendly and aesthetic as was expected from a cake website.

The Solution

We designed a website that allowed customized pricing options to the user. When the user clicked on the cake type and made their choices, the pricing would be automatically calculated using an algorithm, and shown on the screen. The pricing was also dependent on the delivery time selected. For instance, if the cake is to be delivered in the morning, it would attract different charges as against the night time. The design charges are also mentioned and vary based on the product type and the weight of the cake. This is also mentioned on the website

The users could order the cakes and know the delivery time for the cakes from the website. Each cake type had a different delivery time attached.

The users can track their cake orders as well. From the time the order is placed to the time it is delivered, full tracking is allowed on the website.