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Taxi Booking app Development

The on-demand taxi booking app is eminent for transport startups and enterprises.

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E-Scooter app Development

The on-demand e-scooter is in trend and many companies have successfully dropped their e-scooters on roads.

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Uber Like App

Scale your taxi hailing services with our Uber clone app.

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Food Delivery Apps

On-the-go became on-demand with the evolving.

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Top mobile and web app development company, entitled by

Our latest projects

Catterfly Disrupted The Travel Industry To Offer A Singular Experience

We want to empower the travelers with personalized solutions and a good holiday experience, without intermediaries. This one-line idea initiated our conversation with Catterfly, a distinctive player with a holistic vision, in the travel segment.

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elvee jewels
Our latest projects

How A Leading Jewellery Business Enhanced Their Customer Experience?

The client wanted to stand out in the crowded jewellery market with its top-notch jewellery products. Despite having a system in place, the client was unable to achieve the engagement they were aiming for. So, how did our team achieve this?

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loan studio
Our latest projects

Hassle-Free Loans At Your Doorstep With Loan Studio

LoanStudio’s single line vision was to make loans accessible and applying for loans hassle-free for their target market. They came to Coruscate with an idea about how they envisioned digital lending.

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mark crm
Our latest projects

How We Defined A CRM Solution For The Jewellery Industry To Boost Their Customer Acquisition Efforts

Two leading companies in the jewellery industry approached Coruscate with two different issues. The first company was unable to keep a track of the communication that occurred between the organization and the client side.

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Our Clients’ Products Get Featured by Top Media Resources

Because the synergy between great creators and a talented team make something that people talk about

Customized Mobile App Solutions Like Uber, Tinder, Food Delivery or Chatting Application

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How to begin with your own Cannabis Delivery business with our Cannabis Delivery App Development?

Marijuana is not legal in every country or region. The legalization of Marijuana has always been a hot topic of debate. However, there are some states in the US and …

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Car Subscription apps like Canoo EV can be the future of car-hire soon : Canoo Clone App

The Canoo EV have released designs for their custom-made EVs and are ready to earn huge sums with the EV subscription. You can also benefit by developing apps like Canoo EV for your business.

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