Big Data Challenges & Solutions with E-scooter App Development: How to derive unexpected benefits

E-scooter App Development Derive Unexpected Benefits From Big Data

The benefits of big data are being popular among mobility startups. Know which are the challenges and solutions, before going for e-scooter app development.

In the presence of 5G technology and Blockchain applications, data is the most valuable asset of any kind of online business. Specifically for the mobility business, having a large amount of user data and usage data means a pot of gold! Business owners of mobility startup can make capital out of user and usage data in so many ways like selling the data of urban infrastructure and traffic patterns to the government or using the same data to improve your business efficiency.

However, to achieve so, you need to decode the major four challenges associated with big data. By a lucky chance, we have covered the same thing in this blog. In addition to these 4 challenges, we will also wrap our mind around the benefits you can derive for your e-scooter rental business after decoding big data challenges.

So, without any further due, let’s proceed.

Challenge 1: Data Storing

The amount of data being produced has grown rapidly and as a result, the action to store a bit much data has become ruthless. Today, the data from the e-scooter app installment to app usage and payment deserve to be stored as these data make the e-scooter rental business profitable in so many ways. (Which we are going to discuss later in this blog.)

But data storing isn’t as easy as it sounds. The most fundamental requirement for data storing is to have a module that stores data of every activity of users such as e-scooter finding, payment, pick-up location, destination, riding time, stopping time and many more. However, the most obvious data collected by e-scooter rental companies are related to trips.

Bigdata e scooter app challanges and solution

Once you achieve this, you need to go through the next big challenge – infrastructure.

Data occupy the space and big data occupy a lot of space! So, if you are planning to store the usage and user data of riders, you will surely need an online space where every data of riders gets stored automatically, thanks to the module we have discussed just a while ago.

Hold your horses, you are still halfway to start deriving business benefits from big data!

The biggest challenge in big data storing is the security of the data. Security threats include vulnerability to fake data generation, access control with poor granularity, and the presence of untrusted mapper. Though these security threats can make significant damage to your business processes, the best thing about them is that they all are solvable. Coruscate is among the few e-scooter app development companies which have earned expertise to build an affordable and secure big data storing infrastructure.

Benefits of storing big data successfully

Data storing is the basic requirement to derive business benefits from big data. If you successfully manage to store every usage and user data, you can easily decode the next big challenge associated with big data – data processing – which reveals the meaningful relations between different data entities.

Challenge 2: Data Processing

The data you store in big data storing phase is like the maze which you cannot use anywhere. In order to make it usable, you have to bring meanings out of it. These meanings are always in the relations with at least one or more data entities, except data with no dependency on other entities, like, start_time.

To bring meanings out of unorganized data, you have to employ a few state-of-the-art machine learning or AI algorithms. One of the most useful data processing algorithms is a Genetic Algorithm. It takes an unorganized large data set as the ‘population’ and finds the fittest ‘population’ which is nothing but the data entities with the highest probability of similarity between more than one data entity.

The final result seems like this,

Near a park, if the demand is higher at X%, the actual cost (fare) increases by Y%.

Benefits of completing data processing successfully

A successful data processing phase does not only present the meaningful relations between different data entities but it makes you accessible to avail benefits from the remaining two most important big data challenges.

Challenge 3: Data sharing

Data sharing is nothing but allowing anyone to use your data for achieving a relevant target. Many research institutes generally share their data with investors, entrepreneurs, and companies to help them in satisfying their business needs.

Talking specifically about the mobility business like an e-scooter rental business, data sharing implies sharing the raw data which you store in the data storing phase or sharing the meaningful relations which you bring out from raw data, with anyone including government.

In fact, in many cities, local authorities have imposed a rule to share all usage data with them at the end of every operational day. Governments then use this usage data of your e-scooter rental business to build an efficient traffic management system and to identify the streets most in need of a redesign. The reason why municipalities want you to share usage data with them is because of the amount of the city’s data your smart e-scooters and e-scooter mobile app are collecting.

One of the most prominent mobility companies, Uber, has already been sharing the data with governments, urban planners, marketing firms, and similar service providing companies under its newly launched program called Uber Movement. The following image depicts how Uber has turned raw data into a robust product that gives insight into the city’s road network, travel time and average speed.

Challenge 3: Data sharing

However, big data sharing is the challenge and the major reasons why it is quoted as a challenge are security, cost, and legal norms. With Coruscate, you can smoothly decode this challenge and share data efficiently, thanks to our proven data sharing methodology.

Benefits of sharing data successfully


  • If you are operating your e-scooter rental business in a city where it is a rule to share usage data with local authorities, the data sharing module in your admin panel makes it really easy for you. It does not only identify the necessary data from the raw data and from the organized data, but it sends these data to local authorities automatically.
  • And if you are not operating your business in such a restricted location, you can share these data to the government and other companies and ask money in return.


Challenge 4: Data usage

The success of the business highly relies on strategic decisions. But the success of the online e-scooter rental business highly relies on the data-driven strategic decisions!

Once you have the raw data and meaningful relations between the data entities, you can make your business decisions based on these data and not based on your gut feeling. However, it is a very tedious process to understand the raw data and even the organized data and this is why big data usage is considered as a challenge.

To decode this challenge, an admin panel equipped with business intelligence is crucial. This business intelligence module or admin panel feature analyzes the historic data of your business and exhibits a few most fundamental aspects of your business such as time and location-based demand, battery consumption and customers’ queries. So, now after studying this data, you can make accurate strategic business decisions.

Benefits of using big data successfully

Considering the fact that the BI module of the admin panel analyzes the big data and gives you a broader picture of your business in a very understandable manner, you can derive the following benefits.

  • You can deploy a fleet of e-scooters according to the demand of different locations.
  • You can make changes into the hardware or intensify the charging force according to the battery consumption rate.
  • You can know the location-based customer satisfaction rate and the factors responsible for the high or low customer satisfaction rate of a particular location.


How Coruscate can help you to obtain advantages from big data and what is the cost to develop an e-scooter rental app?

Coruscate is the leading e-scooter app development company that entertains numerous queries related to mobility business. Along with designers and developers, we accommodate a few highly skilled data scientists who work parallel to the development team to integrate different features that stores the big data, processes the big data, shares the big data and makes you use the big data in a very painless way. We don’t only develop apps, but we become a business strategic partner of our clients to help them throughout their business journey.

With our rapid app development technology, we develop and deliver the e-scooter app within 45-55 days and under $10k.

To know more about the features and ask for a free demo of the e-scooter app, you can contact our app scientist and business expert.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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