Electric scooter apps surge in Brisbane as more e-scooters are dropped on its streets- factors to consider while getting your own fleet or to start your own e scooter business

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The tiny e-scooters are granting people a new way to commute five times faster than walking. At the same time, these tiny monsters are environmentally friendly, fun and pocket-friendly. It is just not like riding a bicycle, you are not perspiring when you reach your destination!

Once you have decided to enter the realm of e-scooter business, you need to consider certain important factors while you think of buying your fleet. A few of the factors that you need to take into account before you buy an e-scooter are speed, size, weight, range, reliability, and cost.

Let us discuss what’s important to assure that you pick the best electric scooter for your fleet : Best e scooter manufacturers


Best e scooter manufacturers

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For the business purpose, you need to buy the best e-scooters across the world which can be used for minimum 5-6 rides per day. You need to rigorously test them to find out what’s good and bad about each one.
Listening to customer feedback for each brand of e-scooter can help to ensure that you continue to purchase the best e-scooters.

» Quality of ride: The ride quality of some e-scooters is very bad. Such scooters cannot be ridden for more than 1 mile. They also need a perfect surface to run smoothly. These e-scooters might look great on the internet but they might not be so great when it comes to running on roads.

There are 3 major factors that influence ride quality:

► Wheel size: It is strongly suggested that while buying your fleet make sure you do not buy wheels having less than 8 inches diameter. Smaller wheels give a bumpier ride and they have more chances of getting stuck in potholes.

► Solid or air-filled tyres: Air-filled tyres positively provide you a more satisfying ride. It is recommended that you use a puncture protection fluid as it is not easy to fix a puncture for your e-scooter. Solid tyres also allow a solution to punctures if there are chances of daily riding on the route where there much of glass, thorns or nails, etc.

► Suspension: Having a suspension can be a great thing for your e-scooters.
But it only takes out the jarring from the most significant bumps. If you go for a scooter with large, air-filled tyres that do not have suspension, it is likely to provide a smoother ride than a scooter with suspension which has sold tyres and small wheels.

As a practice, you require large wheels with air in tyres or you can go for suspension. If you need to keep your e-scooters sturdy for the off-road commute, you can go for fat treaded tyres.

► Speed: The speed of an e-scooter is defined by its motor power, rider’s weight, how hard you elevate the tyres, and the surface that your e-scooters will be ridden on. The quoted speed of an e-scooter is based on a 70kg person using a flat, smooth surface with accurately inflated tyres. You should not look for more speed, instead, go for an e-scooter with an ideal speed. Road pitch and rider’s weight and other such factors will influence the speed at which your e-scooter can travel.

► Brakes: Your rider’s safety is most important and should always come first. And brakes are essential when choosing an electric scooter for your fleet.

► Range: It is necessary to heed that the range which manufacturers quote for the electric scooter is usually best-case examples. Most of them are based on a light weighted person who is riding on a smooth and straight road, with a new e-scooter battery. Know for sure that cheaper scooters have poorer batteries. And these batteries get discharged very soon.

► Build Quality: Most of the e-scooters are made in China. Chinese manufacturers produce some very high-quality products. At the same time, it is known that they also produce some utter trash. As it is the outset of the electric scooter industry it is smart to adhere to the bigger, more reputable companies.

► Reliability: Electric scooters are still a comparatively new product level. It is recommended that you go with some reputed brands.

Accessories for your rider’s safety:

► Helmet: The electric scooter will be running as fast as a bicycle, so it is strongly recommended wearing a helmet at all times.

► Lock: The e-scooter is an expensive item and ensuring its safety with a proper lock is necessary.

► Phone holder: Allows the riders to concentrate on riding and the roads. So they don’t keep holding the phone. Also, very beneficial while there is need to use maps.

► Lights: Additional lights can be appended to your e-scooter for safer night riding and visibility.

Latest update on e-scooter business : Things to keep in mind while starting e scooter business in Brisbane

According to a news article in mobile.abc.net, an extra 250 electric scooters will shortly be running on the streets of Brisbane. The city council declared that Lime will continue to function, albeit in a reduced space alongside a rival company.

Brisbane City Council has granted tenders to Lime and a Singaporean company called Neuron Mobility. The new company has been given permission to run around 600 e-scooters, while the Lime e-scooters have been reduced to 400. Currently, there are about 750 Lime scooters running in Brisbane.

The new Neuron’s e-scooters have “geo-fencing” technology that automatically blocks them from being ridden in areas such as South Bank. As in these areas, the e-scooters are only allowed on a shared bike and pedestrian pathways and assigned bike paths.

» As of now, Lime does not have such capability with its scooters. But they are being given the opportunity to enhance their technology.

Deputy Mayor Krista Adams declared that both e-scooter companies had been granted a 12-month permit. And a new and more stable e-scooter would soon hit the streets.

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Here are some profitable business models for startups or to start your own e scooter rental service :

There are profitable business models you can choose from to start your e scooter business.

  • Rental App
  • Subscription Model
  • On-Demand App

Read more about e scooter business model in detail here.

Cost of development of an e-scooter app:

Well, along with the fleet, technology is equally important for your e-scooter business to win the hearts of riders. An app with excellent and outstanding features and the amazing user interface is recommended to make your business reach the target audience.

Here is the breakdown of the time and cost for the development of an e-scooter app with basic features at Coruscate:

Escooter app development costcost

Now that you are aware of each detail about how to choose the right fleet and the importance of technology for the growth of your business. If you have made up your mind to develop an app for e-scooter business, connect with us for further queries and ask for a free demo.


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