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On-Demand E-Scooter Sharing Application Development

Are you still riding the horse (power)? Time to be fond of watts!

We are leading the movement, with more than 20 teams of data scientists, research fellows, mobility experts, IoT engineers, developers, and designers.

Join the movement by developing your own E-scooter mobile app like Bird. We engineer practical data-driven algorithms to power machine intelligence for startups by separating the AI hype from computational realities, and we are the leader of the eco-friendly mobility solution, on-demand e-scooter mobile app development.

Our Commitments to Micro-Mobility Startups - What We Provide You in E-Scooter app development?

  • The Least possible per hour rate, if you hire e-scooter app developers
  • A future-ready e-scooter app, working on AI and machine learning algorithms
  • A feature-packed admin panel, equipped with BI and AI technology
  • White label solution
  • Support from our business experts in hardware selection, getting government approval, and business model crafting
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Technologies Actualize E-scooter App

Apart from Android or IOS app development technology, database technology, and payment technology, another most purposeful technology is IoT technology. It converts any electronic device into a smarter one. Meaning, it increases productivity and efficiency. However, IoT technology only makes the hardware smart, to make it ‘talkable’, MQTT - a publish-subscribe-based protocol is being used widely. It exchanges the data between e-scooter hardware and software and enables users to use all the features of the mobile app.

How does an On-Demand E-Scooter Apps Work

The functioning of the E-scooter is very simple. Once the user downloads an e-scooter app there are only 5 steps in which the user can complete the ride.


Search for the e-scooter nearby

Taxi booking

Scan the QR code


Unlock the bike and start your ride

Push notifications

Lock the e-scooter once you arrive at your destination

Ride History

End your ride

Different E-Scooter App Development Solutions, Provided by Coruscate

We understand the fact that every micro-mobility startup has different requirements and a different budget. Thus, we have introduced three different e-scooter app development solutions with different pricing structures and functionality.

Custom-built E-Scooter App Development

Our custom-built e-scooter app development solution allows you to hire e-scooter developers on an hourly basis. These e-scooter developers develop the e-scooter app from scratch and at the end of the app development process, they share the code ownership with you.

So, if you want to do your business in such a territory, where adding features beyond common features is a fundamental requirement, custom-built e-scooter app development solution can be your best choice.

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Bird and Lime like E-Scooter clone app

If you are influenced by the top e-scooter apps and want to develop an e-scooter app like Bird, you can derive many benefits from our clone e-scooter app development solution. This solution costs you very less, and we can deliver an e-scooter clone app like Bird within no time.

E-Scooter App Development white label Solution

Our white label e-scooter app is equipped with state-of-the-art user features and admin panel features and the window to customize those features to some degree.

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Our robust admin panel features that make running an E-Scooter rental business as easy as pie

  • User Management:

View, Edit or Delete the user profile.

  • Rider Management:

keep an eagle eye on the riders, their number of rides, their contact details, and their status.

  • Vehicle Management:

It shows you all the details of your e-scooters such as the remaining battery power, speed limit, total Kilometers, number of rides and the vehicle status.

  • Ride Management:

Track the reserved, ongoing, completed or canceled rides along with the details of riders, e-scooters ID, its remaining battery power, total kilometers of the ride, total fare and stop time.

  • Payment Management:

Know all successful, failed and remaining payments with a ride request number and rider contact details.

  • Dispute Management:

It stores and exhibits every query of the customers.

  • Fare Management:

Easily change the fare with respect to the locations and hours.

What do we offer beyond an E-Scooter Mobile App?

We have shared coffee with 70+ mobility startups to know and understand the pain of them. We then decided to offer more than just an e-scooter app.

Help in getting a business operational license from the government

We accommodate business experts and research fellows who have already wrapped their minds around the legal norms that are restricting micro-mobility business. We employ this knowledge to get you a business operational license from the government and loosen up the restriction!


Few most common Rules and Regulations for E-Scooter Rental Business

  • E-scooters should not exceed 20 mph on level ground.
  • You cannot operate your e-scooter rental business after dark or after 10 PM.
  • You need to operate a 24-hour toll-free number.
  • You are required to maintain at least 10% of your fleet in each ward by 5 AM.
  • The government can ask you to share usage and user data with them.
  • There must be a geofencing feature.
  • If an e-scooter is non-functional, retrieve it within the 2 hours of knowledge.
  • Print contact information on all e-scooters.
Know legal norms of your city

E-Scooter Hardware Selection

E-scooter hardware is the most important asset of your business as it affects customer satisfaction rate, government’s rules & regulations and unit economics. Thus, we help you to select the best possible hardware. Here are the top manufacturers with whom we have tied up: Xiaomi, Freego, Mimida, Hulong, Hopthink, Zimo, and Manke.

Fix a meeting with manufacturer through us

Help in Lowering Break-even Point

The break-even point is the point where your earnings meet your spendings; anything beyond that point is considered as profit. So, to increase the profit, all you have to do is lower the break-even point. And to lower the break-even point, increase revenue and decrease the operational cost. Our business experts and data scientists will suggest ways to decrease the operational cost of the business and ways to increase revenue, which will eventually lower the break-even point and make your business profitable.

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Price Estimation

Price Estimation



What are the Major Problems an E-Scooter can Solve?

One of the reasons why people and government love the e-scooters and e-scooter rental companies is that an e-scooter is the environmental-friendly and swift mobility solution.

Many studies exhibit that an e-scooter is 40% faster than cars in a city during rush hours and it does not emit exhaust gases as it runs on the rechargeable battery.


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E-Scooter Business Modules

Rental App

Like Bird and Lime, you can become one of the popular e-scooter rental companies too! The strategy of these companies is to provide the users e-scooters in less price. The cost of unlocking an e-scooter is around $1 and the user needs to pay only around 10-15 cents per minute. The e-scooters can be picked up from particular nearby parking and after reaching the destination, the user can drop them off at the nearest available parking slot.

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Subscription Model

Subscription Model is doing wonders for many apps. Introducing the e-scooter subscription model can help you in gaining the loyalty of the customers and provide them with better services. You can even provide special benefits and generate more revenues through the e-scooter subscription model introduced in your app.

Planning and Designing

On-Demand App

Like every other On-demand app, e-scooter on-demand app will consist of a feature where users can book the e-scooter and expect someone to deliver it to their location.

This can be useful if you don’t want your users to walk to the parking slot and pick the scooter. Instead, using this feature you can get the e-scooter delivered at your customer’s location.

Front end Development

How much you can Earn with an E-Scooter Rental App?

Considering the fact that in the e-scooter rental business, profit is calculated based on per e-scooter and per ride, you can easily make up to $5000 to $6000 of profit per day with the fleet of 1000 e-scooters.


Here is the revenue generated and the rides completed by E-Scooter sharing companies in the year 2018.

  • Bird generated $3.65 per ride. Bird has raised a $400 million funding with these rides. It completed over 10 million rides in just one year.
  • Lime, another unicorn in the e-scooter business raised $335 million funding and has completed 11.5 million rides.
  • Spin, an electric scooter startup, is raising around $125 million through a blockchain-based security token offering (STO).

E-scooters have experienced a warm welcome at the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, the Nordic countries like Sweden and across more than 90 cities worldwide.


The electric scooter market size worldwide was valued at USD 17.43 billion in 2018 and is projected to witness a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period.


Top resources you need to acquire before starting the E-Scooter rental business (E-Scooter Manufacturers, App Developers).


E-scooter rental is the hardware-heavy business. You need to acquire a fleet of scalable and reliable e-scooters in order to start the e-scooter rental business - not at all fancy requirement! You can purchase a ready-to-go smart e-scooter which cost you between $400 to $800, from the manufacturers like Omni and Ninebot. Moreover, you can also opt for battery operated kick scooters which cost you just around $200. However, you need to buy and install separate IoT controllers to make them trackable.

Requirement check

Mobile App

The mobile app allows users to know the location of available e-scooters, to unlock an e-scooter and to pay the fare after locking the e-scooter. This is how an e-scooter mobile app acts like an only channel to satisfy your financial goals from the e-scooter rental business.

Planning and Designing

‘Juicers’ (the independent contractors who keep the battery of e-scooters charged)

If you are planning to follow the e-scooter rental business legacy and allow anyone to be an independent contractor who collects, recharges and distributes the e-scooters, you need to accommodate an extra app in your business house! That app must be equipped with the features which show the nearest e-scooters with low battery, how much he can make after charging it, monthly or weekly earning report, and a way to report the issue of e-scooter to the e-scooter rental company.

Front end Development

E-Scooter App Development Cost

The cost to develop an e-Scooter app is decided by calculating the hours needed to complete the design, development and testing of the app. Click below to get free hour-wise breakdown of the development process.

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Check out the FAQs

This might help get a detailed understanding of your e-scooter queries

Should I develop the E-Scooter app for a small town?

E-scooter apps can be developed for small towns and big cities. The new models of E-scooters can run from 20 to 30 miles and can be easily used to travel short distances. They are eco-friendly and cost-efficient. So, you can save money and protect the environment too.

Why Should I hire Coruscate For Developing E-Scooter app?

We have an expert team of developers to provide a unique and customized solution to all your technical problems. We don’t just deliver solutions, we build partnerships. We believe, "together we can conquer the world."

How much time Coruscate will take to make Lyft, Bird or lime like e-scooter app?

The time required to build an e-scooter app depends on the features you want to include. The hourwise breakdown of the development process is mentioned in E-scooter app Development Cost

What custom features I need to include in the E-scooter app?

The features that you wish to include in your E-scooter sharing app depend on your unique business requirements. You can read Features which a basic E-scooter app will have to know more about them.

How can you be sure that your e-scooter is safe with the riders?

The e-scooters can be easily tracked down using the GPS tracking system available. You can throw-away your worries as the scooters will have a smart lock system that will only be accessible to the authorized rider and no-one else can take away the e-scooter. Nowadays, sturdy e-scooters having safety features are available to make the riding safe for your customers.

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