Lime’s e-Scooters Have Arrived in Canada! How to Launch Your Own Electric Scooter App Like Lime?


Electric scooters are paving way for green transportation. Lime scooter app, based out of California, has spread its wings across states and countries. Just two months ago, the company had penetrated into the Spanish markets with the launch of their service in Madrid. Currently, they are all set to launch their services in Canada. They will schedule their pilot program in Waterloo Ontario.

Before launching into any city or country, the company takes a look at how their services can help the people in that place. The main question that helps them build the strategy is how their e-scooters can help the city reach their smart transportation goals.

While Canada was a space where no e-scooter company had entered, Spain was a different story. Along with Bird, there were other e-scooter app companies already working towards making the transportation smart and green in the country.

Apart from understanding the markets, the company has also devised privacy policies and low-income plan to compete with the existing companies and differentiate its products and offering. 

Let’s look at the progress achieved by Limebike, and the overall performance achieved by the bike company.

Limebike: A look into the Company

  •  Launched in 2017, the dockless bike and escooter company has expanded into several U.S. cities such as Austin, San Diego, Washington D.C., and Texas.
  • In May 2018, the company partnered with Segway to introduce the next gen electric scooters.
  • They have already crossed the 3Mn rides mark for both the scooters and bike segment.
  • Lime also has plans to collaborate with Uber to introduce an unconventional transportation mode for the comfort and convenience of the people.
So, what has led to the growth of this company? Let’s try to answer this question
  • Most people look for convenience, and those who believe they have convenience look for safety. The Lime bikes offer both convenience and safety along with the “go green” mantra to the users. You can easily pick a bike using the app from a location nearest to you. Simply unlock the bike with the app, and start riding. The best part and the most convenient aspect is that you get to pay the bills online. So, you book a bike, unlock it and you are ready to go. The bikes are safe to ride too.
  • Most of the current transportation modes are not really cheap or fit the pocket needs completely. If you have to take a cab every day, you end up paying a bit more than you expect to pay. Eventually, it will put a dent in your pockets. However, if you use the dockless bikes as your commuting partner, you would spend less and you will be able to enjoy the ride on a daily basis.
  • The idea behind launching Lime bikes was to offer an inexpensive option to the users. The company listened to the grievances posed by the user and caught on to the gaps that existed in the industry, before offering an alternative solution.
  • They keep listening in to the feedback offered by the users. They understand that the feedback is important if they want to improve what they are offering and give a better medium for transportation to their users.
  • The company has come up with a medium on the app where the users can share their experience after every ride.
  • Finally, the company has redefined urban mobility with the help of technology. The emission of harmful gases and the resultant effect on human has led many companies to think green. Lime is one of the few companies that wanted to offer their users free will to ride anywhere at nominal rates without falling prey to the harmful gases. With the escooter, you not only battle the harmful gases but also the traffic congestion. You can reach your destination on time. With mobile app, the company has added convenience and improved the usability of the transportation.

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  • Understand the rider’s mobility issues and the problems they face with daily commute. Your solution will begin to emerge once you start diving into the problems and the possible issues that the rider faces.
  • Even with the dockless scooters, the commuters are unable to resize the handlebars, thus facing issues while driving the bikes. Similarly, there are other issues too that the rider faces. You will need to identify the smallest and the biggest issues that the rider faces before you start with the solution.
  • The solution cannot be applied across all medium, and will not suit all parties the same way. You may want to test the solution you are planning before you can launch it to the target market. For this purpose, you may want to conduct a pilot test of the solution. For instance, Lime bike is testing the waters in Waterloo with the escooter app. They have initiated the pilot test for a set group of people. If this works, they will release the app across Ontario.
  • Look for opportunities available in the market. Yes, you may seem like a lion waiting to pounce on the first available prey but, if you don’t hunt for opportunities, you may never find the right idea and the perfect app solution. You need to put all your energies into the target market and their issues. Your opportunity lies in helping the people within the target market. You should look into the people’s lives, how they work and what kind of issues they tend to face on a regular basis. If you identify anything that you can solve, then dive into the solution right away.
  • The features is an important aspect of delivering any concept to the users. You need to work and rework on the features, and make sure you have taken into account everything that the audience might require. Here is a list of features that you cannot ignore at any point.
  • Find the Scooter: The app should direct the user towards the dockless scooter located nearby. As soon as the app is downloaded, the user should be guided towards the nearest available scooter. They should be able to identify simple ways to unlock the scooter and make it available for the ride.
  • Scan the Barcode: The easiest way to unlock the scooter is scanning the barcode. This is one way that you cannot ignore. Make sure you have incorporated this feature into your scooter app for the convenience of the users. This way they won’t have to wait for any instructions from you, and can simply unlock and start using.
  • Ending the Ride: Ending the ride and making the payments should be hassle free. If the user wants to stop midway, there should be provision for the same, so that they can lock and complete their work.

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Summing up

If you want to launch your own Lime-like escooter app, you need to think through these things:

  • Issues faced by the audience.
  • The solution that can probably solve these issues.
  • Safety features within the app and the transportation medium you are offering.

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