How Dolly (On-demand Delivery and Moving Service App) Has Raised 1MN (Monthly Revenue) With Great Effective Solutions?


Dolly, the on-demand delivery and moving service app, is all set to expand into Washington DC and San Francisco. The broad-scale expansion comes right after the company touched the $1Mn per month revenue generation milestone.

The company had earlier participated in the Series A funding round in 2015 and raised $8Mn from Maveron. The startup’s main aim was to introduce the on-demand feature into the delivery and moving services. They want to give an Uber-like experience while moving large pieces of furniture and exceptionally large items.

The service was launched to offer this on-demand delivery app development feature to deliver a single piece of furniture or a single piece of a large item. If you are planning to shift your entire house or planning to load/unload several large pieces of an item, this app is of no use to you.

Based out of Seattle, and launched in 2013, the company has raised a total of $9.7Mn. The company earlier expanded its services to the Portland, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia markets.

What Dolly Makes Different?

A lot of apps are offering the on-demand experience to the users in the logistics market. What makes Dolly different from them all?

  • It does not offer on-demand for a large number of items. You get the on-demand delivery service for a single item.
  • They ensure proper pricing and affordable rates for the transfer of your goods from the showroom to your house, thus relieving you of the job of carrying those goods.
  • You can book the vehicle type, based on your need, as in the case of on-demand, giving you the freedom to choose from a number of vehicles.
  • There are numerous convenience options available with the app for the end-user.
  • You don’t need to book the services for large items alone. If you have bought small items and need it delivered, you can use the Dolly app.

Things That Helped Dolly Attract Investors


Closing the Gap:


There are no apps that allow users to book vehicles to transport their single items home. So, most of the time, when the people have bought a fridge or AC, they are either dependent on the store owner or have to get it home themselves. There is a lot of hassle either way. With the Dolly app, they can get the items or furniture pieces’ home immediately. Dolly understood this gap that existed in the industry and closed it with a unique feature. This distinctive feature attracted investors in the industry.

Easy and Convenient:


They introduced on-demand into the moving service industry, which means the users can enjoy the convenience and add comfort to their buying capabilities. The ease of buying and getting the goods back home is something that improves the experience of shopping for the customers.

Proper Planning:


The most important thing that you need to have in place before attracting investors is the ability to plan all activities. The company was able to expand its operations to Denver, and other cities, immediately after the opening up in Seattle owing to proper planning and strategies.

They are well aware of how often their services would be used and have a complete idea of their target audience. This makes it easy for them to expand to the cities they know will accept their services, and plan their methods of revenue generation.

Planning for an On-demand delivery app development Just like Dolly: Check Must-Have Features for your food delivery service app


If you are planning for a Dolly-like app for your business, here are the features that you need to introduce in your app for its success.

  1. Offer them Choices: Just like Uber or Dolly, you need to offer the users with numerous choices to book from. Whether they want a simple small transport or, a huge vehicle, will completely depend on their needs.

    Your app should include all the available choices and should make it easy for them to complete the choice. Also, include pickup and drop choices for the vehicle. This will make the booking easy for the user. The idea is to enhance convenience.

  2. Advance Bookings: Most of the apps allow for instant booking. However, there are times when the customer would want to book for the ride in advance. Your app should allow advance bookings as well. The need for advance booking is specifically important for customers who need a pickup at odd hours or require the services under special circumstances.
  3. In-app Chat Support: There are times when the customer is not aware of certain app features or, wants support with respect to their ride. An in-app chat support will make the communication immediate and will improve their overall app experience. They will be able to raise the questions and get answers spontaneously with the chatting application.
  4. Real-time Tracking: Like with Uber or any other on-demand app, real-time tracking is important for the users. This will tell them where the ride is, and how much time it will take for the ride to reach them.
  5. Person Profile: The profile of the person delivering the goods is also essential for you so that you can get an idea about the person driving your items. The detailed description and past ride details should be made available to your user in the app.
  6. Push Notifications

Planning for a Dolly-like App: Things to Consider


There are lots of food ordering apps available in the market. When you are planning to develop an on-demand app like Dolly, there are a few things and important features you need to consider, which will help you get the best outcome.

The goal of the app you are planning to develop is important. Dolly was clear right from the beginning that they want to offer on-demand services to the small/big, single item shipping requirements posed by the customer. This goal allowed them to set the pricing for the vehicles as well as the plan for the fleet.

If your goal is clear, you will be able to set the milestones as well.

The market study is important as it will allow you to understand the requirements posed by the food delivery market, and the gaps that exist. You will be able to plan your app’s purpose and the features to be introduced in the app based on this study.

The design of the app is the second most important consideration for a well-defined application. The design will help you know if what you are planning is user-friendly or not. Your design should be done in phases, and every point should be clearly discussed with the client before it is finalized.

Planning the milestones for on-demand solutions is also important. This will depend on the milestones for the company, as you will need to introduce the features accordingly. You should sit with the food delivery company’s team working on this project, understand their vision and plans, and accordingly plan for the application.

There are multiple delivery companies are into delivery businesses today. Some allow order placement to delivery service or some allow

Summing up


Dolly’s current revenue per month is a result of proper planning and identification of the market’s target audience. It is also a result of a well-defined mobile application and the design that maximizes the user experience.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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