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Instant is the word that millennials go by, and businesses are expected to provide. If there is a need,
it should be fulfilled immediately. This is true for communication as well. Instant messaging
apps are quite popular, as they allow the real-time communication, and enable the users
to send and receive documents, files and a number of other data.

Create Your Own App like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or any Chatting Application

Coruscate has been working towards improving communication technology, by delivering successful Whatsapp alternative for businesses as well as personal purposes.

A lot of businesses have remote network, setup across the globe, which calls for seamless and real-time communication abilities, without compromising on the data. We have observed similar requirements in personal as well as enterprise communication. We have been able to seal the deal and close the existing gaps with our incredible proposition and features.

Why free messaging apps has a Huge Market?

Despite having popular messaging services such as Whatsapp, there is a huge opportunity in the messaging apps market for the new ideas.

  • Telegram disclosed that it has a user base of 200Mn, sometime this year in March
  • Google released WeChat mini program in China
  • The Nudge is a planner app that is packaged as an SMS subscription service
  • Kik messaging app is all set to release the new beta version

Despite having these apps in the market, there is room for new app development. Each of the apps are solving a different purpose and problem. There are gaps that still exist in this segment, and a lot of apps are working towards closing these gaps.

For instance, Line a messaging app, is going to launch the Cryptocurrency exchange, enabling Blockchain on messages. This is one of the many opportunities and features lined up for the messaging app solutions.

How to make a chat app like Whatsapp?

Here are the features that will help you create an app like Whatsapp, and offer seamless communication to the target audience.


Asking the user to sign in to the app, and register their phone numbers, is one way of authenticating the users and ensuring the right people are on-board the platform. SMS code generation is done from the privacy and security purposes. The registration process also involves syncing the address book with the chat application, thus allowing you to connect with the people over the app

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The user can easily customize the profiles by adding their names/nicknames, personalize the background for the chats, use the fonts that they prefer and add their own display picture. Some messenger applications allow the users to add their status

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Instant Messages

This is the basic feature that every chat application should have. While this is a basic feature, you have the option to play around it. We offer private messaging within the group chats for the enterprise applications, so that the user does not have to move out of the app to access the particular chat or converse on a particular topic. Real-time connectivity is another aspect of this messaging that makes it highly useful to the users

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File Transmission

It is important for users to be able to share the documents, files and images via the messenger app. The apps should accommodate for this exchange, and ensure safety as well as privacy of the documents.

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If the user wants to search within the chats or search for a contact to chat with, the messaging app should make it easy for them.

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Group Chats

In the modern chat applications, it has become essential to add group chat feature. This will allow three or more users to connect with each other in the same chat page, and allow them to discuss important things Facilitate group video conversations and exchange of documents here.

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Video/Voice Calling

If you are developing an application like Whatsapp, this is an important feature. The data calling ability will help them stay connected with the people without leaving the messenger. So, if they want to call or video call people, they don’t have to use any other application

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The user should be notified when there is a new message for them. All kinds of notifications right from discount availability to the new feature should be sent to the user, if they have allowed it

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This is a temporary content but highly engaging one. Adding this as a feature will help get more people on board

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Location Sharing

The messenger app should allow the users to share their location, thus making it easy for the other person to drive to them or reach them in time

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Why choose Coruscate?

  • Personalization
  • 24/5 support available
  • Complete understanding of the clone technology and app skinning techniques
  • Experienced team of developers
  • Proven processes and agile development
  • Expertise in chat application development
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Check out the FAQs

This might help get a detailed understanding of your chat app queries

What type of messaging apps should I opt for?

If you want to deliver a seamless enterprise communication, then your app should focus on closing the gaps that exist in this segment. We develop apps based on your idea, whether it is B2B or B2C

What is the first step to successful chat apps?

It is always the idea. We believe a differentiated and validated idea is a good step to start with.We immediately work on how we can offer the user experience your users are looking for through the app we will deliver, before proceeding with actual UI development.

Is customization in the app development possible?

We believe in customizations. We offer customized solutions that are totally in sync with your requirements.

What is the total cost of developing an app like Whatsapp?

The costs of the app development are dependent on the timeline taken to develop the app, and the total number of hours logged by the developer. The actual building of the app is also added to the total cost. Each feature will cost a little something, thus leading to the total cost. We prepare the quotation based on your app requirements and the features we have listed out for your app needs.

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