Features To Consider When Developing Your Own iOS Navigation Apps Like CityMapper & Waze


Mobile apps like CityMapper and Waze have redefined navigation as we know it. GPS navigation is an important feature for most mobile apps, as it helps the truckers, taxi drivers, general commuters and everyone on the road to decide the route for the day. From knowing the best navigation route to identifying the road to your destination, these apps offer convenience and improve your life.

Uber and Lyft are examples of how GPS navigation has augmented the ride sharing world by helping the riders identify their passengers. Apart from the ridesharing apps, there are the navigation apps like Waze and CityMapper, which help improve your route-defining methods.

Before we move on to developing CityMapper clone or Waze-like app, we will start with introducing these apps to you.

An Introduction into Navigation Apps

It is important for you to know and understand the navigation apps like CityMapper and Waze, and how they are advantageous to the end users. The global automotive navigation systems market is currently estimated to reach $34.56Bn by 2021. The reason being the increasing congestion in the traffic, and the changing consumer preferences.

Waze is the second most popular navigation app, first being Google Maps, in the app store. The company was launched in 2008, and by 2010 they had raised $25Mn in funding.

By 2012, the total downloads of the app had reached 12Mn and they had over 20Mn users by July 2012.

Today, the app has over 100Mn active users.

On the other hand, CityMapper started out from London and went on to capture the US markets too. In September 2017, the app launched its night bus service along the East side of London. The CityMapper app ranks 16.

*All data has been sourced from App Annie 2017.

Both the apps, along with a few others in the niche, have redefined how navigation apps work and revamped how you get the routing data.

Let’s see how these apps work.

How Do They Work?


The two of the best navigation apps for iPhone that we have discussed earlier are basically community-based navigation apps. The app tends to gather all the available data from the different urban transport system to create a log. Here’s a detailed description on how they work.

The application starts off by gathering the requisite data related to location, car speed, and current traffic situation for the different urban transport systems for the area in consideration.

Based on this data, they optimize the best route for you to take to reach your destination on time.

They also provide you information about the probable time delays, traffic jam possibilities and other essentials that will help you reach the destination on-time.

Every information is marked on the application, and you don’t need to scan the information at any point in time.

The information is updated based on the real-time data received by the application.

You can even add your own functionality or features, as the apps are crowdsourced and enable the functions that you desire.

An example of customized addition would be the police tracking feature added to Waze.

You can even post amber alert and check-ins with these apps, thus allowing people near and dear to you to track you.

The Must-have Features For Your Navigation App


If you are planning on developing best iOS navigation apps like CityMapper or Waze, here are certain features that should make it to your list

1. Navigation:


This is the basic feature for your app, the feature on which it thrives. The GPS navigation is a fast-growing and fast-evolving niche, and you need to incorporate it into your app for a fully-functional and featured app. This feature allows the app to optimize the route for the passengers and allows them to take the fastest route possible. With this feature, the users can avoid high traffic roads and highways, thus allowing them to reach faster than usual.

2. Real-time Updates:


It is important for a data-driven app to update itself in real-time for instant optimization and route changes. If there is a bad weather condition possibility or a mishap along the route you are planning to take, the real-time update feature will help the users take an alternative route. Based on the real-time updates, the app can offer better solutions to the users.

3. Advance Planning:


With a route optimization app like Waze or CityMapper, you will know what time you should start your journey. It helps to plan your drive in advance and ensures safe travels.

4. Allow Integration:


An app that shows the best route possible is one of the best apps, definitely. However, your app exceeds expectations when it integrates with the different social channels and ensures quick add-on features. For instance, the police tracking feature is an add-on, created for a specific cause. Similarly, your app should allow the addition of new features that are aligned with the evolving needs of the user.

5. Cost of Development


It is important to consider the cost of developing a GPS navigation app, so that you know how much budget you need to plan for the same.

The cost of development includes the features that you need to have in your app.

For instance, GPS integration as well as social integration are a must. Your GPS system should be smart. The cost of integrating the API will be added to the cost of development.

The voice recognition software and real-time updates are essential for the perfect functioning of the app. You will need to add these software to your system, which will be added to the cost of development.

If you are looking for custom development, then the cost needs to be calculated separately.

Overall, your cost of development is an addition of the features, the custom features and the APIs that you need to integrate. The total hours invested would add to the total cost of development.

Summing up


Planning is essential to successful GPS navigation app development for your business. It is important that you have a defined strategy based on your requirements.

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