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The face is what projects the deepest essence and interacts with other people when we speak with them. The facial expressions show our opinions and feelings if we are happy, sad or angry. The first ever people to use makeup to enhance their beauty were the Egyptians. However, in those days, makeup was just simple eye colouring or some material for the body makeup. But nowadays makeup plays an important role despite your gender.

In the digital era, everything is going online. The makeup app has become real with the Augmented reality. Using the makeup app, the user can emphasize their face and features and get the perfect selfie.

app like YouCam

Tired of smudged lipstick and eyeshadow samples all over your face for each shade that you try on? There are many virtual makeup apps coming up in the market that save you from such embarrassment of the smudged makeup.

Here we will discuss a smart makeover app powered by AR and AI technologies for a true-to-life virtual makeup. Using this app you can apply hundreds of cosmetic products in real-time with makeup camera app or selfie pics.

YouCam makeup app:

YouCam App

The YouCam makeup app was launched in 2014 by CEO Alice Chang. It was owned by CyberLink which is a digital media software developer, Perfect Corp. The app claims to have more than 700 million downloads and has a total of 60 million monthly active users in China.

This makeup app, designed by Perfect Corp. lets a user reimagine their shopping experience for beauty products. The YouCam makeup app particularly focuses on the process of learning about new products and trying on makeup looks in a quick, systematic and mess-free manner.

The virtual makeup app was designed to transform the cosmetics industry by merging high-tech virtual and mobile platforms with the best possible use of  Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence.

YouCam App

The YouCam makeup app is put to best use by the people having a passion for makeup and beauty as it provides an ultimate online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience. The makeover app surely reinvents the ways of consumer beauty trends.

According to an article in TechCrunch, the YouCam makeup app has expanded into the e-commerce and retail business with its tools for more than 200 beauty brands. These brands include L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Cosmopolitan and Target.

In January 2019, Perfect Corp. has launched a new range of products under a brand name Beauty 3.0. It also included AI-based augmented reality tools which recommend the users regarding foundation, makeup and hair products with absolute accuracy and they even feel real. The tool even finishes like glitter and metallics.

YouCam App

The company has recently partnered with Ulta in order to bring its technology to the retailer’s beauty stores and hair salons. They say the tools can help the retailer to reduce the number of returns of the products from the consumers and provide them with brand aggregated data about how consumers interact with makeup shades. They also keep a tab on things like the most demanded products and the products that are brought together.

What to consider while developing a makeup app like YouCam?

1. Your technology should the customers to provide solutions for their recurring issues.

he makeup app has spread its wings into the e-commerce and the retailing businesses also. Like the YouCam makeup app, your app should identify and remove the discomfort from your customer’s life. The makeup app should allow users to try different looks using different tools. The app should allow the users to check different styles in different angles. They should get recommendations through the algorithms according to the face shape and skin tones.

YouCam App

2. The makeover app should provide real-time results

The makeover app should provide results(looks) in real-time. Real-time information is a new thing in the market. The technology can help you to motivate your customers to try various styles. As a beauty startup, you should provide all the tools using which the users can do virtual makeup and hairstyles in real-time. You can allow your customers to try on different shades of lipsticks without the hassle of actually putting it on or removing it.

YouCam App

3. Your app should provide a wide variety of options that are useful for your customers.

Another point that you need to consider for your makeup app is to provide a platform for your users with multiple options under a single app. While you provide makeover tools and trying different shades, you can also consider providing the skin tone analysis or the hair texture analysis in order to get clearer skin and shiny hair. The makeup app can enhance your customers looks by offering a wide range of filters to give them an idea about skin tones and hair colours. Along with that, you can allow your customers to view these effects in 3D.

YouCam App
Is it really worth to build a YouCam clone app?

The makeup app YouCam is definitely generating huge profits. So, we can conclude without a single doubt that the beauty industry is not going to stop at any point. The future of makeup apps with their out of the box flawless features is very bright. So, if you are in the beauty industry, you can hire a full stack developer to know about the technical details and other features that you can add.

Coruscate can help you to build a real-time makeup app like YouCam with some very unique features. We have already developed more than 70 photo editing and beauty apps and are familiar with each little detail. For any queries and free makeup app demo, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form.

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