What is Ruby on Rails Used For? ROR Examples For Best Web Applications


15 years and Ruby on Rails is still one of the most desired server-side framework in use. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the top websites that are using Ruby on Rails, which will confirm what we just said.

Topping the list is Airbnb. Yes, this home getaway website, which has evolved into one of the best homestay booking channels, uses Ruby on Rails to scale their business and stay unequivocally tech-savvy. Dribble and Fiverr are also savouring the Ruby on Rails experience and unleashing it to their audience.

If you have used any these websites, you can vouch for the speed and experience they deliver. These websites are known to have scaled since inception, and the server side framework is supporting them completely.

Ruby on Rails applications are diverse in nature, which includes Goodreads, a place where book lovers socialize and get to know about the books worth reading, and Airbnb, a home-stay website.

Now that you know how good and efficient Ruby on Rails is, let’s get to know the framework in detail.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Rails is the development framework that allows the developers to structure all the code they write and was popularly used to develop websites and applications, as it simplifies the repetitive tasks.

Ruby was the programming language used to write Rails. Why Ruby? It is an elegant and terse language, which allows complex frameworks to become simple and easy for the developers to use. What is Ruby on Rails used for, you may ask? The simple answer is to develop server-side applications and improve the server response time.

The main reason for this is how Ruby on Rails uses convention over configuration. As a programmer, with normal software tools, you tend to spend a lot of time configuring the files and setting up the program. This is not the case with RoR. You can accelerate development, and use the set of conventions standardized by the framework for optimal output.

RoR is also useful as it uses the RESTful application design, which is a software architecture that revolves around client-server relationship. The logical structure of the applications is derived as a result of this.

Is RoR Agile Framework?


For a while, the developer community has been trying to answer this question that is asked about the framework-whether or not it is agile.

Amazon, BBC, and Cisco are the Ruby applications that have been reportedly benefited with the agility of the framework.

The framework is definitely agile, as it can help the websites deal with the daily traffic and also scale to the increasing levels of traffic. Groupon has been built using RoR framework, and the traffic bursts that this coupons and deals websites face is incredible. To manage the sudden increase and to be flexible to the evolving nature of the users, you need an agile framework, and RoR has proven that at every instance.

Benefits of Going RoR


Apart from agility, there are other benefits associated with going RoR with your web application development.

Accelerated Development:


When you are using a flexible and automated framework such as RoR, which deals with repetitive programming in an excellent manner, you can expect accelerated development. It is an object-oriented programming language and open-source too. So, you have the source code available along with a strong community support. This should help you increase the speed of development.

Cost Effective:


Developing websites with RoR proves to be cost-effective for your business. The coding is readable and structured as well as reusable. This means the developer can create the application faster and can reuse the components in the process. The readable code saves a lot of the testing time and ensures faster upgrade for the business. The framework costs are also nil, as it is an open source framework, and you don’t need to invest in a licensed version.

Strong Community Support:


The Rubyists, as the community of Rails developers are known, help one another out of situations, and make sure the information regarding development is readily available at any given hour. The devotion that you observe with the Ruby developers is unseen in any other framework.

Scalable Framework:


The RoR is a scalable framework, which has been discussed in detail earlier. The framework can easily accept any amount of incoming load, and make sure the experience remains seamless.



As with any other framework, security is a concern for all businesses. That’s why RoR has incorporated all the security measures in the framework for a committed experience. You will not experience any security vulnerability with this framework.

Summing up


Ruby on Rails is the perfect fit for your business if you need a regular app and have set long-term goals for your business app. Community support is the biggest advantage of the framework, and you can deliver the app quickly with zero revisions and quick prototype development process.

Coruscate has a dedicated team of RoR developers with the in-depth knowledge, and experience. If you are looking for Ruby on Rails application development or want to discuss possibilities with Ruby on Rails for your business, get in touch with our team via email or phone.

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