Tips to Develop a Successful Yelp Clone App

Posted on October 9, 2018 By Vishal Virani


Traveling to a new city or, relocating to a new country? It can be quite hard if you know nothing about the local scene, especially the places to eat out or, the supermarkets from where you can buy the day-to-day things.

Apps like Yelp have made our lives easier, considering you can find everything you want to know about the city or town using this app. It lists out all the top eateries, places to visit and other business needs in one place. What more, you also get to see the ratings these places have received from the people who have been there, and get to read the reviews. This is like an insight into the place.

Let’s give you a brief about Yelp application, and how it helps.

What is the Yelp App?

Let’s run you through what Yelp is all about, and how it helps the regular people

  • Developed by a U.S. based company Yelp Inc., the app allows you to find the local establishments with just a click.
  • You can use filters such as distance, cuisine, and even the ratings you are looking for in order to sort the establishments.
  • You can check for the detailed information on the app for the particular business, including business phone and address.
  • The app also gives you a map view into the business, which allows you to check into the total distance, mode of transport and the route.
  • As of today, the app gets close to 145Mn people on a monthly basis and keeps reaching out to more.

Must-have App Features for Yelp Clone

When you are building a clone to an already successful app, you cannot ignore some of the classic features that make the app user-friendly and accessible. Here we will list out these top features.

  • Reviews and Ratings: This is critical for the user who wants to know the top establishments in the town. The user will be able to access the reviews of the past user who has been to the place. They will know everything about the offerings and will also get an insight into what is good/bad about the establishment. The claims made by the establishment will either be backed or negated by the reviews and ratings offered. Word of mouth has always been an important factor in getting people to visit a place. It is said that most people trust other people’s recommendation, and are more likely to visit a place if recommended by their friend.
  • The Notifications: Personalizing the offering is possible with the help user profile but, giving the users what they need at the moment or helping them explore possibilities is possible only with notifications. You need to include push notifications in your app, as that will offer the users with information based on their preferences.
  • Geo-location Search: The user wants more information regarding the place they are in. The app should take the user’s location into consideration before offering choices. So, when the user travels to a new place, the geolocation feature will be activated, and the user would be given choices based on the new location. This feature in turn will enhance the user’s experience.
  • Activity History: The app should store the notifications you have received, the ones you have clicked on and the searches you have made. The history will help the app deliver better results in the future, and personalize it better for you. In case, there are some notifications you are simply not interested in, then the app will consider not sending them to you in the future. The app will take into account your preferences and your history before sending you the notifications.

If you want to increase engagement and interaction on your app, then you can consider adding gamification to the app. Foursquare does it seamlessly with the help of reward points, badges, virtual currency and other tools.

You can even allow the users to book their table through your app, increasing the convenience for the end users and making it easier for them.

The features considered, you need to consider the possible business models for building the app and earning profits from it.

Business Models for Your Yelp Clone

Here we will discuss a few app monetization methods for your yelp clone.

  • Paid Hosting: This is one of the easiest ways of generating revenue for your business. Ask the businesses who want to enlist themselves on the app to pay a certain amount to you. This way they can gain recognition and you will generate the money.
  • Advertisements:In-app advertisements tend to earn a lot of money to the app owners. In fact, this is one of the most certain ways of generating revenues and maximizing your profits.
  • Deals: Offering deals on your website, and earning commission for every visit made to the website with the deal can also help you generate a good revenue. You tend to incentivize the users, and they in turn get a good offer from your website. This also benefits the businesses as they gain traction as a result of the deals offered. This model works for all three sides involved.

Developing the Yelp Like Application

There are two things you need to consider when developing a Yelp clone- cost and market needs.

1. Research the Market: You need to do a complete market research before proceeding with your Yelp clone. You need to understand what the market needs, and how best you can close the gaps that exist with the potential solution you are aiming to offer. There are several instances and app solutions already available in the market that will help you with understanding the solution that you can offer

Here are a few things you might want to consider before plunging in:

  • Identify the target for whom you are building the app.
  • Know what they need and how they use the Yelp and other apps in the niche.
  • Consider the kind of solution they are looking for and how your idea will benefit them.

2. Cost of Development: You not only need to consider the cost of development, but also the time taken to develop the app. The app development involves designing the UI/UX, including the critical features discussed earlier, coding the app, and finally testing the app for the different features.

Each feature requires a specific time period and costs a certain amount. The total cost will depend on all the features listed, the development cost and the team hiring cost as well as the cost of maintaining the team at the office.

Summing up

Developing a Yelp clone requires a lot of efforts and also some clean methods and understanding of the market needs. You should have the specific features listed out for the same. Once you are clear about the features and the market needs, planning the entire mobile app development is important for a smooth rollout.

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