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Technology is enabling unprecedented changes in our lives. Our day to day lifestyle has changed drastically in the past few years because internet taking center stage. On-demand apps are gaining huge popularity and if you are looking to develop an on-demand cleaning application, this is the right place.

Coruscate has helped many of the clients to emerge as the winners in the competition among the major corporations and franchises within the on-demand cleaning service and app industry. We have helped in bridging the gap between the service providers and service seekers. Our skilled developers are certified with the latest technologies in the market and they can build the best apps in the industry for your business to help you increase the number of your customers and earn more and more profits.

Some Maid On-Demand Cleaning Service Apps

  • CleanNow
  • Handy
  • My Clean
  • Task Rabbit
  • Neatso
  • App Jasmine
  • Whizz
  • ZenMaid
  • Mulberrys

Scope of On-Demand Cleaning Service App:

The cleaning industry is driven by just one goal, which is to keep people’s spaces clean. The industry is divided into 3 main categories which include:

Commercial Cleaning

The commercial cleaning includes janitorial services offered for factories, warehouses, retails and such commercial outlets.

Residential Cleaning

The residential cleaning services are mainly for homes and residential apartments to make your space neat and clean.

Special Cleaning

The special cleaning services include special services like dry cleaning and there are apps for requesting these services which come under the on-demand dry cleaning apps.

The above three categories are further divided into various sub-divisions which define the scope of each app. In a report, it was estimated that the dry cleaning industry had more than 875000 businesses employing more than 3.5 million people in the US itself. The numbers have risen with the passing years.

The revenues of the on-demand cleaning industry were recorded at $50 million in the year 2015. Also, the revitalized cleaning industry is set to spur a 6% growth in jobs by the year 2020.

Business Opportunities in the Cleaning industry

The population is much fierce in the cleaning industry but the industry still holds great potential for all new startups and existing businesses. There are several sub-services within every category that makes it easier for one to settle for a specific niche. If you choose a specific specialty, you can target a particular group of audience. Since you have fewer competitors and have a great opportunity for success.

There are also huge opportunities in the green movement. In recent times, people are getting more and more conscious of the need to conserve the environment by using less harsh cleaning solutions. So, you have an opportunity to create a “green” solution for the cleaning services. You can provide products which are non-toxic and environment-friendly through your on-demand cleaning app. The green movement can be used to rebrand your services and attract more and more market segments that are clearly drawn towards environmentally safe products and service.

Business models in the cleaning industry:

There are various opportunities in all the cleaning service categories. You can check it out from the statistics and targets in each of the categories and their business models. Here is what the future holds for the on-demand cleaning apps and what should be your approach to conquer the industry:

Residential Cleaning

If you are a startup interested in residential cleaning, you must know the market and the popular regions to extend your services. You should prefer the regions where the population with above-average income stays. The residential cleaning is often sought after by the people who are looking for spending free time on other things.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are mostly offered to the offices and non-residential areas. These services account for around one-third of the total cleaning business. These services are offered in shifts or when their spaces are empty. If you are interested in the commercial cleaning business, target the business estates and industrial areas.

Dry Cleaning

The laundry and dry cleaning business is most popular among the population and has been thriving from years. Most of the dry-cleaning businesses are family owned, however, since the businesses have gone online, they have formed various chains and franchises to offer on-demand dry cleaning services. The market trend for the on-demand dry cleaning app is expected to keep growing in the coming years.

Specialty Cleaning

If you are interested to go for some specialty cleaning business then you should have the equipment and training as your priorities. These services require skills and you can have a vast client base as there is not much competition in this business. The specialty cleaning business is rising steadily.

Our Projects:

Coruscate has been working on this innovative business and our developers have designed a lot of amazing apps to satisfy our clients. If you want to read more about our work on on-demand cleaning apps, you can check out the case studies here:

Uber for Cleaning Development Cost

The cost to develop an on-demand cleaning service app is decided on the basis of hours needed to complete the design, completion of development, and testing of the app. The cost is also dependent on the features that are included in the Uber for cleaning app. Here is the hourwise breakdown of the development process:

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