19 Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App Like Uber In 2019


Youth today own a different mindset. They want things to be done and quickly. Spending nearly ¾th of their day surfing mobile apps, the industry of the app development is expected to witness tremendous growth. It started with the Uber-like app and now has hitched almost every sector. What was once a luxury has not turned into a necessity. People look for an on-demand app like Uber as something that helps them ease their daily life.

Going by few stats, the current year witnessed around 86.5m Americans hiring one on-demand service provider. As of 2015, the total economy of on-demand apps accounted to $22 billion and the same rose to $34 billion by the end of 2017. And the figures do not appear to stop here. Astonishingly, it is expected that the total economy of an on-demand app would reach the mark of $57 billion by the end of 2018. A massive demand of on-demand app, right?

Owing to the above trends, venting out in the on-demand apps would be a successful business idea looping towards success. However, amidst all that prevails now, you would find it hard to choose the most optimal domain and go live with your on-demand service app.

Let’s have a quick look at startup business ideas that help you etch success in the industry of on-demand apps.

19 Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App Like Uber In 2019

1. On-demand Uber Like App for Traveling

Technology has altered the way people commute. The first and the foremost choice of all startup entrepreneurs these days is Uber-like app. You can go either for an Uber clone app or choose to build an app right from scratch. On-demand cab services gained popularity in no time and deploying a startup in this industry, though challenging would help you strike a successful career in the business. Incorporate features relevant to the user offering them the desired mobility.

The next startup business idea is to vent in grocery apps that provide users the ease to order products online and get it delivered in a day. Gone are the days when you had to hit the local groceries store to purchase the desired products.

The current digital era offers shopping on the go. All a user needs to do is register on the app and order products as per their convenience. Owing to this, the economy of grocery apps are expected to go high and so venturing in this business would definitely emerge successfully.

Food delivery apps have overpowered the on-demand industry. Ordering food online and that too without any time foundation has increased the popularity of such apps. Whether it is a big fat chain of the restaurant or the small fast food shops, online food delivery apps are everywhere. This is one of the ideas for a startup as a food industry would never decline and so deploying an Uber-like food app might emerge out to be a great success.

Want to try something different or out of the box? Finding a plumber appeared to be hard at times but not after the onset of on-demand apps. Entrepreneur nowadays needs to do something that is both robust and efficient and at the same time, not one that is already in the market.

Vent out in plumbing services to provide users the services at any point of the day. All a user is expected to do is register and then opt for services. Being new in the on-demand industry, you would have higher chances to be successful.

Another excellent business idea for a startup is deploying an app that is all about health and fitness. Users these days are highly health freak but they might not find time to hit the gym or connect personally with a nutritionist. However, having a fitness app and providing them a decent workout regimen to do while they are home is one of the best ideas to start your business in 2019.

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Beauty is something women are deeply concerned about. No matter how busy their say is, they still try to slice time to hit the parlor and pamper themselves. However, this might not be feasible always. So, here is another option for you to start your business.

Giving users, majorly the female section of our society, a flawless and convenient beauty service is all about on-demand salon services. Additionally, having a mobile app for beauty services eliminate the need to stand in long queue and wait to be served. An on-demand mobile app for salon services provides users the ease to book beauty services and avail as and when required. So, this would serve an excellent idea for your startup.

Next up is your laundry services. There was a time when you have to visit a laundry store and seek services. But now as technology has advanced to an extremely huge level, an entrepreneur can now build an on-demand laundry service to get their clothes cleaned as per their convenience. All a user would do is register on the app and request for laundry service at a desired time and date.

8. On-Demand Health Experts App

Health is one such element that is of utmost importance to all. But sometimes finding an expert seems difficult. Being in desolate parts of the country reduce the chances of outreaching a doctor and so developing a mobile app and providing medical assistance online eliminate the need to physically visit a doctor. An app here would serve as a media that helps connect patients to the desired doctor. If this sounds interesting, you can happily vent out in this app.

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9. On-Demand Logistic App

Yes, there are plenty of courier and logistics companies that help ship your product from your source to the desired point. But there exist few drawbacks. The tedious process of storing and managing logistics might induce error. To eliminate this, an entrepreneur can now build an app that helps in e-management of goods, locate goods via online id and Initiate notification on shipment and delivery. So, if you are planning to start a business, building an on-demand logistic app would serve your purpose.

Keeping your house neat and tidy is something we all love to do. However, due to our busy schedule, we fail to keep up with time and cannot perform day to day task. House cleaning tops the list of such task. In such a scenario, hiring a person via an app to get your house cleaned is the most convenient option. If you are looking to start a business, investing in house cleaning apps and setting up commission would work wonders for you.

11. On-Demand Apps For Pest Controlling Services

True that there prevails plethora of pest controlling medicines and ideas but inducing one of them might appear tedious and you prefer staying away. To ease this problem, app development companies have started a new business namely the on-demand pest controlling app. The app connects the services providers with the one who seeks such services. Being the one connecting the above two, you can set aside your commission and earn lumpsum amount while deploying an On-Demand app.

12. On-Demand App For Electrical Services

Electricity is a crucial part of the day to day life but a sudden crash or a breakdown might pave way for hell lot of issues. And also, finding an electrician sometimes is not easy. A whole atmosphere of chaos and inconvenience arises.

How about opening an app and finding a service provider nearby? Sound good, right. Yes, it does. So, here you have the next idea to start your business in the on-demand industry. An app that connects electrician with the service seekers. This kind of business has a huge user base and promises higher returns.

13. On-Demand Apps For Body Massage

Pampering yourself is by far the best way to get rid of all the tension and frustrations. But hitting a parlor to avail such service is an overhead. To ease out your problem, a business entrepreneur can effectively develop an app that gives them the facility to outreach the experts and avail services at their doorstep. This kind of apps narrows the need of users visiting a parlor and provide them the comfort and freedom to pamper themselves at their convenience. Act as the bridge between the service providers and the service seekers to pocket your commission.

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14. On-Demand Teachers

Another excellent business idea for a startup is to vent in online teaching apps. You can build an app that connects the learner with the tutors having expertise in a particular domain. This in a way provides learner’s the flexibility to avail lessons as and when required. Teachers are given a part of money and rest goes in your pockets. Undoubtedly, this industry is expected to expand exponentially and so will your startup.

15. On-Demand Maids

Getting a maid these days is one of the toughest tasks. Not only do you spend ample amount of time finding one but also you need to pay a huge sum for a smaller task. You can solve this problem by developing an on-demand maid service app. Give users the ease to request a service and deliver the same effectively and efficiently. If you are looking for one such idea, then go ahead with this.

16. On-Demand PC Repairs

Digitization has flared across the globe in leaps and bounds. People now spend a considerable amount of time over the net and likewise are bound to mess up things and sometimes to an extent that requires expert guidance. Finding someone who can repair your PC might sound troublesome and tedious but not after the advent of on-demand apps. Having an on-demand PC repair app benefits not only the one seeking services or the one providing them but also the one that acts as an intermediate or the app owners. So, if you are interested to build an app, this could be one of your choices.

Accidents are a part of life. You cannot stop it and you have no idea what to do when you are hit by a massive truck on the road. How to move, where to move. All you need now is a tow truck company that would help you carry your vehicle to the desired place. So, entrepreneurs, here you have your next idea to start a business in. Build an app that provides emergency towing services to the one seeking it. Yet being g unusual, there are huge chances of your business flaring across the city. Learn more how you can start on demand tow truck business and become next uber for tow trucks.

18. On-Demand Dating Apps

This is huge and has a massive outreach. Youth have now changed the way they meet people and date. There are a few dating apps in the market and witness a massive success. People are over the net most of the day and giving them a platform to meet strangers and connect as per their convenience is one of the best startup ideas.

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19. On-Demand App For Mechanics

You might be tread cautious while drive and take proper care of your vehicle. But after all, that’s a machine and is bound to break down. A mechanic you need. Though it’s easy to find one in a city, how about being on the outskirts and stuck in the middle of the road with a standby car?

Here, the on-demand app for mechanics come to your rescue. Open the app, select the location and you would have a mechanic in a couple of hours. Interesting, right? And so it is, if you are finding a startup idea, then look for mechanics that would help you provide services to one seeking it. And yes, you do have a share of money to earn.

Having said all above, it now solely depends on you as to which domain you wish to invest in and kickstart your startup. Have an idea? Engage with our full-fledged on-demand app solutions and get a power-packed mobile app for any on-demand industries you want to excel.

If you are looking for one such mobile app development company, then here you are at the right desk. We, at Coruscate, help startup enthusiast deploy an effective revenue generating app to etch success and multiply profits. A team of full-stack developers, always on toes to serve their clients and deliver the optimal solution. Shoot an inquiry for further assistance.

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