How Properly, an Uber-like App for Housekeeping and Cleaning Raised $8.5Mn With These Impressive Features?


Properly, the Airbnb platform that provides cleaning and quality management services, raised $8.5 Mn in series A funding led by Asset Management Ventures. The service is provided to the Airbnb hosts as well as the vacation rental managers.

There was a major challenge facing the Airbnb rentals in terms of cleaning, and maintaining the consistency within the rental spaces. The market for home sharing and vacation rentals have gone up, which is why there is a need for consistency in the services and a complete management of the cleanliness.

How Does House Cleaning App ‘Properly’ Work?

Firstly, the company asks the property owners to set their quality standards. Once done, the mobile app allows you to upload the photo-based checklist of the work you want to get done. For instance, you need to help the cleaners with how to make the beds in the room. Once you have a photo uploaded of the same, the cleaners will follow suit.

You can also schedule the maintenance tasks for the room, before giving it away to the user. You will need to prepare a checklist, click pictures, and upload them to Properly, thus giving a better idea to the cleaning agents about your requirement. This way Properly ensures your work is done in accordance with your needs.

The Need to Develop On-demand House Cleaning Apps

In the wake of this recent funding, you see an investor’s interest in housecleaning solutions, and the growing need among the customers for such app solutions.

The word on-demand being associated with the housecleaning solutions give it a different jibe altogether.

With Uber having given us the extended meaning of convenience, we look at on-demand as a comfortable way of getting things done. Not only convenience, on-demand also comes with a certain level of affordability, which makes it just fit for our pockets.

On-demand has gone beyond cab sharing, and has entered the world of groceries, laundry and massage services.With apps like Properly, you can book an on-demand solution for your housekeeping and cleaning needs, which takes the on-demand word one notch higher.

First let us look at the features that you need to have in an on-demand cleaning app.

Must-have Feature List for House Cleaning App Development

#1. Choose your Services

The app should provide a list of services from which the user can choose the option that fits their needs perfectly.

  • Do they want a cleaning person for home or commercial cleaning?
  • Do they want someone to look into the plumbing systems?
  • What kind of home services are they willing to avail?

There are the maintenance services too, which comes under this headline. The users can choose to avail these services too. Once the user has the list, they can easily tick on the service they want on-demand.

#2. Easy Booking

Akin to the Uber cab booking app, your app should have a feature to book the service now or later. The users should be able use the cleaning schedule app feature to book the service for a later date and time of their choice. The idea is to make the booking easy and experiential for the users.

Don’t keep a separate page for booking the service. You ought to ensure that the user can book on the page where they have selected the service. The idea is to make the whole thing hassle-free for the user.

#3. Upload Pictures

There are times when you want the service to be completed in a particular way. For instance, making beds in your rooms need to be done in a particular way. Make sure you click pictures of the same and upload it while booking the service.

The app should allow the camera integration for making the cleaning process simple and in-line with the user’s needs. This will make the whole process of cleaning and providing the other services easier for the housekeeping company, and in turn will enrich the user experience.

#4. Search for the Provider

The app should list out the people involved in the cleaning services. The user should be able to select the cleaning person of their choice from the list provided, making it simpler for the user and the provider. The user should be able to send a request to the app for the cleaning person.

A chat feature should be included so that the provider and the user can discuss the needs and come to a consensus. This way the users can know in detail about the provider of the job, and would be able to talk with them too.

It is important to include a call button with the provider’s details, so that the user can call them. This feature will make communication between the provider and the user easy and simpler.

Integrate Payments: It is important to include payment options within the app so that the user can choose their payment methods instantly. This will make it easier for the user to pay the amount via the app, and the provider can receive it instantly. Make sure to integrate card, wallets and every other payment mode that the user within the target market tends to use.

#5. Get Instant Quotes

Yes, the application should provide the user with the ability to receive instant quotes for the cleaning needs posed by them. The user can chat with the cleaning agent, answer their questions, give them the list of requirements, and finally get the quotes for the same instantly.

This feature will allow the users with finding a cleaning agent instantly, and ensuring quick and hassle free bookings within their budget for their cleaning needs.

Summing up

One look at the on-demand segment, and you know it is growing by leaps and bounds. It is definitely creeping into less expected spaces as well offering the same level of convenience and comfort.

If you are looking for an on-demand solution for your business, then connect with us. We deliver experiential and simple on-demand app solutions to bring your business to the forefront.

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