Apple iPhone 11 : What’s new with iPhone 11 and How to make your mobile app compatible with iPhone 11

How to make your mobile app compatible with iPhone 11 What are the changes required

To surprise its users, Apple has used the annual September event to the fullest to bring forth a new generation of iPhones. Along with these iPhones, they also introduced a lot of other stuff which included new iPads, Apple watches, Apple TV+ and even the launch dates for Apple Arcade.

Do you wish to know what happened at the event? Let’s get down to some bullet points to enlighten you.

» Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is Apple’s service like food delivery or Netflix-for-games. The service will be launched on September 19th in around 150 countries. The cost of this service will be $4.99 per month for a family subscription and they also offer a 1-month free trial.

» Apple TV+

Apple announced that this year they are working on an on-demand video service. They are going to provide it with original programming from folks like Reese Witherspoon, Oprah, Jason Momoa, and others. However, they have not said anything about the launch date.

The company also declared that Apple TV+ will be made available to people on November 1st and it will also cost around $4.99 per month for a family subscription.

And of course, the new iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs will soon be made available in the market.

» The new 10.2″ iPad

With the announcement of the new launch, iPad moves into its seventh generation. The previous iPad 9.7″ model is being upgraded to 10.2″ and will be launched soon.

The new iPad will be having a Retina display, a smart connector on its side to connect it with a full-size keyboard accessory and it will also be able to work with the first-gen Apple Pencil. And if you are a big fan of TouchID, well, they have still kept the home button for you.
The price of this iPad will be $329.

» Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watches are always on display. Previously, the Apple watches were turned off automatically when you lowered the wrist. But the new watches will not turn off the display unless you deliberately turn them off.

However, when the arm is lowered, the brightness decreases and the screen’s refresh rate falls down to one refresh per second, but the complications and watch faces stay visible.
Apple claims that the battery should last for around 18 hours per charge.

Apple Watch Series 5 will be priced at $399 or $499 for the cell-enabled models. The shipping is expected to start on September 20th. There are different models like aluminum models – including colors like silver, gold, and space gray. The stainless steel models include gold, space black and polished, whereas the titanium model includes brushed metal, brushed space black and ceramic.

» What’s New in iPhones : iPhone 11 Specs, iPhone 11 Pro Specs


There can never be an Apple event in September without a new iPhone.


  • The first iPhone that was launched was the iPhone 11:
  • It has 6.1″ display, with the “toughest glass” ever in an iPhone
  • The newly launched iPhone has a new dual-camera system on the back — one 12MP wide-angle camera (26mm f/1.8) and one 12 MP ultra-wide camera (13mm f/2.4)
  • The flash is 36% brighter than the previous ones.
  • This iPhone has a new night mode that uses adaptive bracketing for better low-light shots
  • The new phone has a front camera has now 12MP, up from 7MP can do 60 FPS 4K and slow-motion video.
  • Working on Apple’s new A13 chipset, which they announced to be the fastest CPU/GPU ever in a smartphone.

It’ll come in different colors including black, green, yellow, purple, red and white, and will be priced at $699.

The second iPhone that was launched was iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone Pro Max:


  • The Proline iPhone has three cameras, preferably over two: a 12MP wide-angle camera (26mm f/1.8), a 12MP ultra-wide (13mm f/2.4), plus a 12MP telephoto camera (52mm f/2.0). All three cameras can shoot 4K at 60FPS.
  • The iPhone Pro has a 5.8″ display. The other launched iPhone Pro Max has a display of 6.5″
  • The phone also works on A13
  • Although the Apple people didn’t give a particular battery life estimate, Apple states that the Pro will get four more hours of life per charge when matched with the iPhone Xs Max, while the Pro Max will get five more hours
  • Both iPhones come with 18w fast chargers in the box
  • A modern “Deep Fusion” feature applies machine learning for dramatically advanced low-light shots. The camera is taking a series of short-exposure shots before you press the shutter button.
  • When you press the button, it takes one extended display shot. Apple employs neural networks to examine the photos “pixel by pixel,” connecting them into one high-detail, low-noise photo.

The price of Pro will start at $999, whereas the price of Pro Max will start at $1,099.

Apple has always been popular among the audience and the world goes crazy when it comes to the launching of the new Apple products.

What’s new for iPhone App Development with iPhone 11 launch?

Now let’s check what this announcement means when it comes to app development and how will the new devices and the new operating system affect the plans, offerings, and revenue when developing for the iPhone x.

» The groove in portrait:

It didn’t take much time for the people to lose their remnant over what they called the groove or the casing edge which projects into the iPhone X’s luxurious, larger screen.

If we consider the early designs the groove will conflict with the central part of the status bar. The developers who use the status bar within their apps in the middle part need to go and revisit the older versions and make upgrades if they wish to have the apps perfectly displayed on the new devices.

Though it is not going to be a huge change you need to make your technology partners remove the texts shown on the central part of the bar.

» The groove in landscape

The critical impulse might be to modify your apps by appending borders, brackets, bezels or any other features that remunerate for the groove and the rounded edges. Apple has previously arrived and explicitly asked developers NOT to do that as part of their HIG. Although many developers are already ignored the advice and started coming up with some creative ideas for getting around the notch.

» The groove on web

According to an interesting observation, it could be seen that without additional code, a lot of the web’s pages will naturally display white bars on either side of the page content.

It will be easier to add a particular code in order to use the full size of the X’s screen. But perversely, with this method, it’s almost assured that the notch will sometimes become an obstacle.

» The home button is withdrawn

Another foremost feature that has received people’s attention is the removal of the home button. The home button has always been a standard on iPhones right from the beginning.

If your apps are developed using iOS native components they will be able to customize themselves to the new operating system and position correctly. However, if they are not, you might have to consider development with iOS native or you might need to reconfigure your app to get it working .correctly

So, if you wish your apps to be workable on the newly launched Apple devices, make sure you have the latest technologies to support your app in the long run. Coruscate, with our expert team of developers, can help you with our innovative infrastructure and technologies to make your apps compatible with the newly launched Apple devices. Connect with us to know more about the iPhone mobile app development.

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