How Playlist, #1 Social Music App in App Store Revolutionizing The Music Socially?


“Ever since we started listening to music from our mobile phones, it’s become an isolated experience. And music is the number one thing we do on our phones,”- Karen Katz, the Founder of Playlist – Social Music App.

Everyone loves listening to music. Ever since YouTube brought us virtually all the music in the world on demand (in a video format), denizens of the Internet have accepted music as a part of their daily lives.

Sharing your musical tastes with others is a fun way to discover new music and friends, connecting people socially along with the music. This gives rise to music-streaming services like iTunes and Pandora brought music even more into everyone’s lives, and now we have apps and websites that take full advantage of this modern technology features.

What Is Social Music App?

Social music is where you can create your own playlists and share them. It is also a place where artists can share their music. Myspace was the most visited social networking site in the world.

This social music apps and website lets you discover free legally available music. It’s your search engine for the music industry.

But aside from finding music, a social music app lets you create playlists, share it with friends, and family. By this, it can also be called a social networking site for music lovers.

What Is Playlist (Social Music App)?


Playlist is a social music app that allows you to find others with the same music tastes as yourself, listen to music and even join groups where you can chat about what you listen or give suggestions.

A social music app like Playlist is in a way encouraging music artists to make their music available freely on the app, as well as to let them create music that everyone can enjoy and share.

“The world has gone social, but music has been largely left behind. That’s a real gap,” said by one of the founders of Playlist. Thus, this gave born to Playlist.

The app was founded by two Stanford engineers, Karen Katz, and Steve Petersen and has been backed up by investment from Stanford’s StartX fund.

The startup has raised $5 million in funding (convertible notes) from Stanford StartX Fund, Garage Technology Ventures, Miramar Ventures, IT-Farm, Dixon Doll (DCM founder), Stanford Farmers & Angels, Zapis Capital and Amino Capital.

Karen Katz has also co-founded AdSpace Networks, has been part of the Photobucket executive team and has founded another company related to music, Project Playlist.

Steve Petersen instead has more than 35 patterns and more than 10 years experience in the digital music field. He worked with a team that has developed a software that was used for the iPod. After that, he was the CTO of Concert Technology, a technology incubator and intellectual property company that was focused on social, digital and mobile music services.

The app is currently available for free download on the App Store for iOS devices. The team is currently working on making the app available to Android users.

What Are The Features of the Social Music App Like Playlist?


Listen and chat at real-time- Listen to music with your friends, and chat with them, no matter where they are.

Discover music through friends– Follow your friends on Playlist to see what music they like.

Create unlimited playlists together- Add your favourite songs, pick a cool photo. Collaborate with friends. Make your playlists one of a kind.

Much like Instagram and Twitter, Playlist allows you to follow and be followed by app users.

The app contains over 45 million songs. Additionally, songs will be monetized through advertisements.

The music industry is constantly evolving and social media has proven to be a major influence in that during the last decade. No doubt, the various strategies that musicians can utilise to stay relevant will keep changing again and again.

The Rise of Social Music


The early Internet made music more accessible, sure, but it did not fundamentally change how it is consumed now. We were still only consumers of music, rather than participants. That all changed with MySpace, however. When MySpace first launched in 2003, it revolutionized the online profile.

By allowing its members to friend their favourite artists and embed a widget with an MP3 of their favourite band onto their profile, MySpace not only became the epicentre of music it is today, but it also gave music a social identity. No longer was music a one-way experience.

The tech community is constantly evolving, and the music scene is about to reap huge benefits from a new app called Playlist.

Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud and other music streaming platforms are fantastic for individual listening, but they lack a social aspect in a world driven by social media.

Hence, Playlist fill the gap between music and social. The idea they came up with was to unite music and messaging by synchronizing music streams, so people could listen to songs and chat together in real time.

Last year, the app underwent a beta testing period, and it proved very successful.

“Out of the gate, we saw 10 times the engagement of Pandora. People have, on average, 60 interactions per hour — like chats, likes, follows, joins, adds and creates,” Katz says.

Unique Innovations in Social Media Music App


Now with music easily consumable in a digital format, web and social media companies could innovate and build some of the most unique products to ever enter the music realm. One of the best known is Playlist, the music social network that allows users to listen to music based on tastes and compare musical interests with their friends.

Other music streaming services like Pandora and Blip.fm has also made music easier to consume – no download needed – while new sites like thesixtyone and thenextbigsound have provided additional outlets for aspiring artists to get their work heard.

Music has always been important to humankind – culturally, sociologically, and philosophically. Darwin theorized language itself to have originated from music, and in recent years, studies have shown that playing music leads to a longer life. Yet, no musician is born ready to perform without preparation – practice is essential for musicians to both explore and perfect their craft. That’s where the Music Traveler comes into the picture.

The place where you can Promote the creation, appreciation, and interest in music by reducing barriers and facilitating new interactions.

How Coruscate Helped and shaped the Idea of Music Traveler App?

With our marketplace expertise, we defined an online marketplace solution for the Music Traveler. Music Traveler is a sharing economy company – centralizing spaces with musical instruments, equipment and services.

We developed an online marketplace where the musicians could find out studios that met their individual requirements and opt for the places.

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