How to Deliver a Successful On-demand Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats?

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How to Deliver a Successful On-demand Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats?

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Uber Eats, the on-demand food delivery segment for Uber, is one of the critical factors in the plan made by the company to go public. At this point in time, Uber has captured close to 50% of the US population. However, to make a mark and to achieve the profits that it is aiming for, the company needs to reach at least 70% of the population.

The company is targeting the less dense suburban markets to establish their on-demand food delivery business. For this purpose, they have tied up with restaurant chains and major food outlets to perform their business.

While this area in the US was difficult from the on-demand ridesharing perspective, the company is all set to penetrate the market for their on-demand food delivery. They believe that every market is ready to connect with a company for food delivery. Currently, the business has a run rate of about $6Bn bookings, which means that the business is doing real good.

There are several players in this space, and Uber Eats needs to establish itself real fast, if they want to further their capabilities and go public.

If you are planning to develop an app like Uber Eats, there are certain things about Uber Eats that you ought to know including the top features, the solutions they offer etc.

Top Unique Features of Uber Eats App


There are some smart and interesting features that combine to make Uber Eats an interesting variant of on-demand food delivery business.

  • Personalized and Curated Cuisine: What happens when AI meets a food delivery app? You get some of the best cuisines specifically curated for you. The machine learning within the app helps the app learn about your orders and food preferences, and accordingly deliver food choices and restaurants to you. So, when you open the app, you get the restaurants that you can choose from and a variety of cuisine that is specially designated for you. Uber Eats, based on a detailed understanding of your past orders and also of your food choices, recommends places and food to you.
  • Pre-book Your Food: Yes, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, and want your food to arrive just when you do, you can pre-book the food to be delivered at a specific time. You simply need to mention the address where you want it delivered, the time and other specifics, and the app will ensure the food is delivered on time.
  • Manages Your Delivery: The Uber Eats app also comes with a restaurant manager, which allows for on-time delivery and order optimization. The new analytics feature within the app gives insights into the food orders and delivery times that you prefer. They even fine-tune the quality of the food, based on your earlier orders and the preferences you may have mentioned. The basic idea of this restaurant manager is to manage all aspects of food, and give you a complete experience.
  • Location Agnostic: A lot of times you don’t opt for the on-demand food delivery solution available, because you believe that they won’t deliver it to your location. however, that is not the case with Uber Eats. You can get your food delivered to places like the hospitals, parks etc. where there is always a delivery issue.
  • Personalized Notifications: Uber Eats seems to have been particularly insistent about personalizing the notifications. You can get the app to notify you about details that you are interested in. supposed, you want to be notified about a new restaurant or a food cuisine or your delivery details, the app will personalize and make sure you receive the notifications on time.
  • Best Sellers: When you venture into an unknown restaurant, you are never sure what to order from there. Uber Eats solves this issue for you. You can check for the best sellers marked on the app for the restaurant, and place your order for the food.
  • Advanced Search: If you want to search for a particular type of food or restaurant or use the advanced search filters, they are readily available with Uber Eats, making food order experiential for you.
  • Reviews & Ratings: With this application, you can post reviews and ratings for the food you have ordered, the person who has delivered the food to you as well as the restaurant from which you had ordered the food.


On-demand Food Delivery App Development


If you plan on developing your own on-demand food delivery startup, here are two major solutions that you can offer.

1. Aggregator Model: This type of application will manage the restaurants and the customers that live in the same locality or are nearer to each other. The customer can use the app to browse through the available cuisines and restaurants. The aggregator model will take care of providing you with the food options, allowing you to place the order after checking the reviews and ratings etc. however, once the order is placed, the aggregator’s job is done. It is now the restaurant’s duty to deliver the food to your home.

2. Food Delivery With Logistics: This is the second type of solution that you can offer to your customers. This is where Uber Eats and apps like this fall into. This is mostly profitable to the small scale restaurants and food joints, which gain visibility and are more accessible for the customers. The app will take care of not just ordering the food, but also ensuring safe and proper delivery at your place. They have hired delivery personnel for the same. From logistics management to actual food delivery, everything is managed by the app.

Cost of Developing App Like Uber Eats


When you plan on developing an app like Uber Eats, you need to plan for:

What kind of features are you planning to include in the food delivery?
Are you looking for basic features or something advanced, which will help your customers?

    • A simple registration/login page is essential.
    • You will need to include the menu for the restaurants.
    • Enable online ordering for the food from the restaurants.
    • Map-based tracking feature to know where the delivery agent is at present.

These are some of the basic features. You can go advanced too, depending on the customers and the target audience.

The app interface is the most important aspect of designing an on-demand food delivery solution for your business. you should plan for the interface- how smooth and simple do you want it to be? If you are involving the experience designers, then they will add to the cost.

Finally, the processes and the total resources involved will determine the ultimate cost of developing an app like Uber Eats.

Final Thoughts


When creating food delivery apps, think of someone who can partner with you and complete your technology needs. Think of Coruscate, as we always offer end-to-end solutions that strike the right chord with your customers. We don’t just develop, we solve problems. Come to us with your idea, and we will offer a simple yet impressive solution.

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