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The popularity of electric scooters all over the world is not surprising for anyone. The electric scooters are especially prevalent with tourists around the world are coming to Cape Town in 2020. 

The electric scooter rental company Lime has its fleet in more than 100 cities worldwide and can be used by people with an app on their smartphone. They have now brought revolution to Cape Town. And the Lime stated that the first rentals would be kept at privately-owned locations throughout the city. The Lime app presents locations of scooters near the rider to make it easier for them to find it.

The Lime scooters are available on public pavements in the US and European locations. The scooters can be unlocked with the app and ride to the destination and dropped at a charging point. The rental cost is debited from the user’s credit card.

In Africa, Cape Town is helping in leading the way forward in terms of technology and innovation. And Lime’s operations and strategy head Wayne Ting stated that they are excited to be a part of that story. Lime’s mission is to enhance urban living through sustainable, affordable transport. Lime is looking to expanding essential mobility access and lessened carbon emissions to South Africans living in and traveling to Cape Town.

Lime is funded by Uber and Google-parent Alphabet. According to their statement, about one in three scooter rides in 26 of its locations around the world substitutes a trip by car.

A survey was conducted for 4,500 French commuters by a research group. They found that one in five used scooters to get to work or school, while more than 40% of users were out-of-town visitors. If they didn’t have access, 44% of respondents told that they would have preferred walking, 12% would have opted for cycling and 30% would have used public transport.

These findings pitched suspicion on claims that electric scooters decrease car traffic, though consulting firm McKinsey said they had the potential to reduce car traffic and carbon emissions. 

In a McKinsey report, it was stated that micro-mobility could probably incorporate all customer trips of less than 8km, which value for as much as 50% to 60% of today’s total passenger miles traveled in China, the EU, and the US.

The head of mobility at Ademe, the French government agency for energy efficiency, Jeremie Almosni said that the fact is half of the usage is recreational and it is striking. This is definitely a way to get more people to use it and favors a more mixed-use of transport. This can also encourage people to give up cars.

Electric bike safety rules in South Africa:

The rules for safety in South Africa are as follows:

  • People are allowed to ride in the allocated bike lanes and concrete bike paths when available.
  • Riders have to ride in the same direction as the traffic, they cannot ride in the opposite direction.
  • The riders can bring a water bottle with them and keep it in the provided water bottle cages.
  • Riders are warned of parked cars as doors may open into the street.
  • The riders are warned to check over their shoulders before turning or changing lanes. 
  • The riders are encouraged to use the equipped bungee with rack and affix belongings securely so straps do not impede wheel or get caught up in the wheel.
  • The riders must carry photo ID at all times while riding the e-scooters.
  • They are encouraged to Carry health insurance information and any travel insurance at all times.
  • The riders can either ride alone or in groups. 
  • They are encouraged to use approved routes to automobile traffic and ensure safety.

Here are a few things which are discouraged while riding the electric bikes in South Africa:

  • The bikes cannot be used for beaches or public promenade. There is a fine charged if people are caught doing it. 
  • Any individual below 18 years of age is not allowed to ride the electric bikes. 
  • The riders if have any existing physical or mental condition that would prohibit Rider from safely operating the Bike are not allowed to use the electric bikes. 
  • The riders are not allowed to ride carrying something that could not let them drive safely. 
  • The drivers are discouraged to drive the electric bikes under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impair Rider’s ability to safely operate the Bike.
  • The use of smartphones while riding the electric bikes is also prohibited as it distracts the driver from the safe operation of the bike. 
  • The driver is not allowed to wear a headset, earplugs in, or earphones covering, resting on, or inserted in, both ears while driving. 

So, basically, South Africa has enacted all the safety laws for the riders before letting them use the e-scooters and electric bikes to avoid the mishaps that have occurred previously with the adoption of electric vehicles in the US and many other areas around the world. 

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