How An Event Discovery App Like Fever Managed To Attract Investors? Know Intuitive Features


Event Management App and Event discovery app is not a new niche, and Fever may seem like one of the many apps that are thriving this segment. However, that is not the case. Two days back, it closed $20Mn series C funding deal, which will allow the company to expand to the overseas markets.

So, what makes the app different from the others? The influencer votes, personalized recommendations, and social media like interface has made it quite popular, not just among investors but also among the users.

They style their interface according to the themes of the hour, and it is said that the “Alice in Wonderland” theme got maximum user engagement. The mad hatter themed G&T event offered an immersive event experience, and received a wait-list of 12000 users, days before the event went live.

Founded in 2014, the app had received a seed funding of $3Mn from Flickr’s CEO and other investors including soccer player Sergio Ramos.

The current rank for the app is #19 on Google Play.

The app is popular not just because of the way it themes its experience, but also because of the way it holds on to the engagement needs posed by the users.

Here are certain features that make the app popular with its audience. You can plan these features too, if you are on the way to define an app similar to Fever for your business.

The Comparison Feature to keep in mind while planning event app development:


The user rarely has the time to browse through the different websites, and seek the different offers available and compare the prices for the same ticket. That’s why Fever has introduced the price comparison and easy booking facility for the users.

The app allows the users to discover the events in their area in the upcoming week. It also allows the users to compare the price for the same ticket on the different websites, and purchase it from this app for event.

Why this feature is essential? One it saves the time of the user, who is looking to purchase the tickets for the event. Second, you are not just allowing them to buy the tickets, but also allowing them to make the purchase at a lower cost. That defines convenience and comfort as well as cost savings for the user.

The more you offer on a single page, the better the engagement level will be for your app. Think about adding a feature that will not just help them conclude their business faster, but also improve their experience.

Polling feature: Certain apps we found on app stores that has inbuilt live polling feature, which allow admins to run live polling.

Some, additional feature you should consider real time updates, qr codes scanning, push notifications.

Easy and Personalized Filters


Filter-app-for event app

Fever allows the users to filter their selection based on the event category, their location and the price. For instance, are you looking for wine tasting

events or live concerts? You can make the selection with this app. If you live in NYC, you can select the filter to know about the events that are going to make their presence in your vicinity.

These filters were essential for this app. When you are developing an app like Fever, you may want to deliver on the features that your user demands. Study the market, and research on the needs posed by the user, before incorporating the filters that you believe will be useful for the target market.

Make sure you have more personalized and relevant filters in your app. The filters will improve the user’s experience and will help them identify the services relevant to them easily.

Simplicity Is The Key


Using the app should be simple and efficient if you want to increase the user engagement, which in turn improves the user experience.

If you have downloaded the Fever app or, even seen the screenshots, you would realize that it is a handy guide. Everything that you want or wish to know about has been included in a single page, which can be retrieved easily. It offers complete information about the events in your area, and that too without any efforts from your side.

If you are planning to develop an event planning app for iOS , then you need to understand what kind of information your user will look for in the niche, and how best you can deliver the information without compromising the interface. It is important you become their go-to guide for the niche, if you want to improve the engagement levels. When you have everything they would need, and are constantly improving the information on the app, then your user won’t move away from the app, thus increasing conversions for your business.

Don’t Forget The Deals


Fever offers deals, coupons and discounts to the restaurants, pubs and events listed out in your vicinity. This way, they aim to improve conversions for the app.

You should ideally incentivize the user in order to improve the conversions for your app. It is the deal and discounts that lead to an increased level in the downloads of an app. If you don’t have a lucrative offering, you may not have a user on-board.

This kind of apps, can help event managers, event organizers, e

Summing up


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