How A Leading Jewellery Business Enhanced Their Customer Experience?

The client wanted to stand out in the crowded jewellery market with its top-notch jewellery products. Despite having a system in place, the client was unable to achieve the engagement they were aiming for. So, how did our team achieve this?

The Broad Requirements

  • They wanted a system that could connect with the end users.
  • The system should be user-friendly.
  • The users are often interested in the price of the products they select. The system should be able to calculate the price at a time.
  • The navigation and other interface details should be engaging.
  • The users wanted to know the current trends in fashion and festive jewellery.

How a simple interface solutions improved user experience?

After a few client interactions, we realized that the current interface was not working for the client. Our solution was to design a new interface that was more appealing, intuitive and user-friendly.

  • The new interface made “adding products to the cart” easy for the users.
  • The joy of adding the products and placing orders easily increased engagement.
  • The customers could customize the jewellery using the application. For instance, they could select the material and the stone they want in their ring. We had defined an algorithm which would calculate the price based on the stone type and the weight.
  • The home page of the application displayed current trends for the jewellery. The admin could easily upload albums that contained the current trends for wedding, valentine’s day etc.


What’s new and what’s trending is mentioned in the collections. The users can get a glimpse into the new collection of the season put up by the client’s store.

Wish List

Keep adding products that you like and are interested in purchasing at a later stage with the wish list.


You can track the items that have been shipped to your place. The tracking feature gives you a real-time view of where your purchase is at present.


Buying jewellery made easy with the intuitive navigation. The icons and the menu items are self-explanatory.

Smart Search

Searching for products, jewellery or even stones has been made easy with the new interface.

Personalized Alerts

Based on your interests, the store will send you notifications and alerts on the new products or jewellery types they have come up with.


  • Compared to the earlier interface, the new interface has received more hits.
  • The number of visits and the overall conversion has increased for the client by at least two manifolds.
  • The customers love spending more time on the estore, and the comments on user experience has been positive.