Conference App

The client is in the medical industry and is known to have a lot of conferences

Business Problems

Managing conference is a difficult task, as there are different events and itinerary as well as agenda within each conference. The client was finding it difficult to keep a record of the days each conference is scheduled for, and managing them individually manually. Some days, the client simply forgot to notify the client before the conference day or send out the itinerary. There were small issues that could not be handled manually

The Solution

We developed an application to help resolve this issue. The conference application was a single admin solution, using which you could handle multiple device apps. There were different modules within the application that could be controlled from the admin login, and which would help the user stay connected with the latest updates for the conference and receive the notifications.

The agenda module allows the admin to enter the timeline, the schedule, the venue, the date & time as well as other information for the conference. It is constantly updated, whenever there is a slight change. These details are viewable in the device app

  • If the same user is attending two different conferences, then the user will get notified on the device app
  • The conference room numbers for the conference and the individual events are given in this module
  • In case the speaker has arrived or there is a delay in the event, this module will specify this to the user
  • Live streaming feature allows the conference to be held on a global platform. This way the people residing in the different countries can get a real-time view into the event
  • The information about the speaker and the subject they are going to talk about and other relevant details are given in the device app

You can check into the committee members through this app

  • It allows you to upload all the details for the conference, even the youtube videos, after the session is over
  • There is a quiz module which has opinion polls and question and answers. There is a scoreboard manager in this module, which allows you to keep a track of all the right answers you gave during the conference timeline.
  • There are chat groups that allow you to discuss the different topics. Each chat is treated as a different thread.
  • The app allows navigation from one hall to another, which can be viewed in the offline mode as well

Technologies Stack

Angular Js