Build XoooX like Taxi app : XOOOX challenging Uber with its ground-breaking new ride-hailing app

Want to build Xooox like app or Xooox Clone app for your taxi booking service? In this blog read how Coruscate Solutions can help you to grow your taxi hailing business successfully with mobile app.

Build XoooX like Taxi app : XOOOX challenging Uber with its ground-breaking new ride-hailing app

A new ride-hailing app has been launched in the UK which aims to provide a different take on the sector and challenge Uber’s dominance in the taxi-booking app. Xooox is a ride-hailing service which differs from other ride-hailing apps. It has made itself stand out from the competition by putting the drivers in control of finding their own fares and setting their own prices.

The UK startup was founded by Perfect Data. The Xooox app can be downloaded and used by any of the licensed drivers in the UK. There are over 400,00 drivers who either work independently or for a minicab operator being benefitted by using this app. In reality, the app aims to enhance the minicab and taxi industry rather than fight it.

Why was Xooox launched?


The taxi business has been obstructed for years. Ever since private hires entered the transport scene in 1976, there’s been a struggle between the taxis and private hire cabs. And in today’s world, the ride-hailing apps have entered the brawl. Xooox’s founder had an idea to create a new model of national transport. They wanted this model to go with the taxi and private hire. Back in those days, the technology didn’t exist. However, after working for 40 years, he developed Xooox and brought the technology to the market that harmonizes the industry.

The Xooox driver app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. It presents minicab and taxi drivers with a live map of all local passengers who are looking for a cab. From this map, the drivers are able to choose any available passengers. They can even set their own prices, and define how far they are willing to travel for a pick-up.

Darren Tenney an ex-cab driver and founder of Perfect Data said that Xooox places drivers persistently back in control of their livings. The other taxi-booking services provide the driver with just two options- they had to find their own fares without using the technology or they had to depend on an algorithm that dictates their working hours and fares. Xooox has changed this completely. So, from now on, drivers manage the technology and not the other way around.

Xooox is not just another taxi-booking app that is trying to fit in the existing trade. But instead of doing that is a being the software tool which can prove to be empowering operators and drivers to win more business off their own backs.

The Xooox passenger app is also available for free on the App Store and Google Play. It enables the passengers to search for all available taxis in their area whenever they wish to book one. While searching for the taxis the passengers are provided the option to filter rides based on fare, type of cab, emissions, estimated time of arrival (ETA), boot space, number of seats, and whether it’s wheelchair accessible.

The ride-hailing service Xooox, in addition to allowing fully licensed taxi and private hire drivers on its app, also provides the passengers an option to report drivers to their licensing body with one tap automatically. Meanwhile, the app is open to all of the UK’s more than 350 cab regulators. They can thus monitor the licenses of drivers.

The regulators have been flying blind for a long time. They have a lot of rules about which drivers, vehicles and operators can work on their own. But the regulators have had no way of enforcing them. XoooX is the first ride-hailing service to open up its technology platform to the regulators. They have allowed them to see what’s actually happening at street-level. At last, the regulators will have the power to take action against unlicensed and out of jurisdiction drivers. This will help to keep passengers safe. And it will also help protect the income of the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding taxi driver working in the UK.

Xooox feels that its platform can also help to reduce pollution and congestion all over the UK. The reason for that is the taxi drivers can let the technology find potential passengers for them instead of driving around and searching passenger. Also, the taxi drivers do not have to return to their base once they have dropped off a passenger and completed their ride.

The technology behind Xooox : And Technology Coruscate use to build Xooox Clone app

The Xooox service leverages patent-pending the entity search engine technology. The technology connects the drivers with passengers in real-time. This allows them to strike their own deals without any interference from any algorithms. In addition to the driver and passenger apps, the Xooox platform all consists of two free-of-charge management portals. The portals work for the operators and the taxi regulators.

Using the Xooox system, the drivers can look for work even when they are standing in the same place. They can make smarter use of the existing road and infrastructure. The app is under progress to be integrated with the smart city structure.

If reading about this app has struck a chord in your mind to develop a taxi-booking app like Xooox, Coruscate can help you with the best technology and expertise in development.

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