Is Laravel development a requirement or it is just a trend? Why you should hire professional Laravel developers?

Is Laravel development a requirement or it is just a trend

New technologies are emerging every day in the technology world. Laravel is becoming the most popular framework in PHP. Let’s discuss why developers choose the Laravel platform over every other platform in PHP.

With the growing competition on the internet, every business wants to stay on the top. For that, businesses are always seeking the most efficient and popular technologies. Laravel caught the attention of many enterprises and they chose it as the technology framework for their application development.

The businesses with web applications have a high brand prominence as they use the technology that stands distinct from others. Developers are preferring Laravel web services deployment and businesses now leverage the advantages as they hire Laravel developers to battle with their competitors.

PHP is an open-sourced framework and leads the position in the list of next-generation frameworks. Laravel has unfolded as the most promising PHP framework for a prosperous business application development that follows the MVC architecture.

A million websites currently on the Internet are built on Laravel. A business that is seeking an open-source framework or wanting to renovate their existing web services could be benefited by hiring Laravel developers

To genuinely communicate the services that a business offers, it requires developing a fully-functional business application involving a lot of complicated programming. Laravel has its pre-installed primary function which has profoundly approached the pace of web application development.

Laravel does not have just powerful web development features but it also is particularly secure and generates a strong base for any application developed on this framework. Even when Laravel is used for developing a heavy website, the framework never disappoints to give exceptional results.

Let’s discuss some best captivating features of Laravel which make it an excellent choice for business app development:

» Artisan

It is the built-in tool for the command-line. It creates and manages the Laravel project environment. A lot of monotonous and tiresome coding tasks that developers discontinue to perform manually are simple to perform and control with the help of Artisan. Developers apply Artisan to communicate with the framework.

» Database Migration

There is no need to recreate the complete structure in Laravel every time a change is made in the database migration. Instead, Laravel expands the structure. To manage the database structure SQL in Laravel can be replaced by the PHP code. The speed of database creation and column insertion is increased with the help of Laravel Schema Builder.

» Security

Laravel is very secure as it executes hashed and salted passwords. The passwords in Laravel is not saved as plain text. In Laravel, bcrypt hashing algorithm is used for generating the encrypted version of the passwords. The use of planned SQL statements almost excludes the injection attacks in Laravel.

» Template Engine

Laravel has built-in templates that are lightweight and are applied to build effective designs with powerful content structures. Laravel has dependably structured CSS and JS widgets. Simple designs with separate sections can be created using these templates of Laravel.

» Modular

Laravel is an unusually versatile framework built on various 20+ libraries. The open-source framework is based on an advanced system of PHP and is divided into several distinct libraries. Developers can build modular, active and usable web applications using this feature of Laravel.

» Unit Testing

Laravel features unit testing and developers conduct various tests assuring that nothing in the web applications operates out of the track.

The framework has one of the most steady releases and enables the developers to customize the code for unit testing.

Official Packages

1. The cashier: offered in Laravel 4.2. It includes interfaces for controlling subscription billing services rendered by Stripe, such as managing coupons and producing invoices.

2. Socialite: included in Laravel 5.0, It implements a clear and easy authentication tool for various social sites including Google, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, and Bitbucket. Envoy allows you to automate the tedious tasks using minimum syntax. It applies the Blade template like syntax to simply setup tasks for deployment, Artisans commands and many more.

3. Horizon: is used to control the queue of your system as it presents the elegant dashboard and code-driven configuration. The principal objective of Horizon is to observe Job Output, the time expected to perform the job and to track the job crashes.

4. Passport: is used for authentication of users via API applying the OAuth server. AS API does not support the HTTP session. API practices the token to authenticate the user and Laravel passport grants the full OAuth server implementation for web application in a few minutes.

5. Scout: is out of the box package implemented by Laravel for a full-text search. It uses the Eloquent rules. Angola is the default driver used for full-text search and it produces a wonderful service.


Laravel is a great choice for developing an excellent web application for your business. For businesses that do not wish to experience ups and downs in the competitive web, Laravel appears to be the most assuring technology.

If you wish to develop web applications for your business, hire Laravel developers with Coruscate to get an amazing application with the best features and user-interface.

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