E-scooter rental apps- the most important factor to decide the fate of your e-scooter sharing business

why you need a app for your e scooter business

The on-demand economy draws 22.4 million consumers annually. These consumers spend $57.6 billion on on-demand services, according to a report to Harvard Business Reports. The on-demand services include food delivery, taxi booking, healthcare, grocery and other hyperlocal services like home care. The newest addition to the on-demand industry is e-scooters. 49% of on-demand users are millennials and the remaining belong to the age group 35 to 54. The growth is expected to continue this year and in the coming future too.

With Uber started the on-demand market and since then it has become the need of the hour. The on-demand businesses are not just aided by the mobile industry but it has become a valuable part of the user’s life. The mobile apps offer convenience and bring forth an abundance of opportunities to allow the users to get everything at their fingertips.

The e-scooter rental companies also require technology as an inevitable part of the industry. The things which used to be operated manually now need technology so that they can map up different locations and offer convenience. The tough competition in the user-centric business has commanded differentiation in the way things are offered to the customers.

Technology is changing the process of how everything works around us. Transport is one of the areas which is undergoing most of the change. With the inception of technology, there are more than many ways identified as our modes of transportation. The travel arrangements have been revolutionized over a period of time with the discovery of the wheel to the discovery of a motor engine. Now, where the engine design is at its peak and is working on fuel, the tech engineers have come up with another impressive solution that could save your time and cost – the e-scooters.

It is not a surprise anymore if you are roaming on the streets of San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles. There are a lot of e-scooters buzzing around on the streets that one can spot. They can be seen literally everywhere, parked randomly near sidewalks and furniture lanes.

These dockless e-scooters that you can locate everywhere and in each corner of the cities are actually the innovative idea of start-ups like Spin, Bird, and LimeBike. They have successfully secured their position as a part of the on-demand economy. These e-scooters can be rented with a mobile phone application for $1 plus 15 cents per mile. There are no difficult rules for renting these e-scooters. One can easily check where these e-scooters are placed from the app. Then one can just pay up and take the ride and then end the ride and park the e-scooter just in the assigned parking zone of your area. Smart, isn’t it?.

But while considering getting into the e-scooter rental business, one needs a few things handy.

  • Checking the area where you will be offering the scooter rental service.
  • Buying the e-scooters for your fleet.
  • Building an e-scooter app.

The area which you are targeting for your service will determine the number of users that will be using your e-scooter rental. The fleets could be bought after a little research regarding the manufacturers. And lastly, the app which is the most essential part of the e-scooter rental business will determine your reach to your target audience and how much you are liked by them. 

Let’s discuss a few reasons why do you need a scooter rental app for your electric scooter business.



Boosts perceptibility of the business

People these days are depending more and more on the internet and mobile apps. Whenever they need a particular service or when you are looking for some new opportunity they tend to just search it on their smartphones. If you do not have an app for your e-scooter business, it could remain unknown to your users and those who might be interested to use your services.

A mobile app helps your users to learn about your scooter rental business in detail. They can check out the pricing and the different services that you offer through your e-scooter mobile app. They can get an impeccable insight into how you manage the scooter rental business, and how you work. The distinctness of business is sustained by their online presence. This is the same for the e-scooter apps. If you are jumping into the scooter rental business, you can build your own custom scooter rental app and enable your users to book an e-scooter instantly from the app.

Comfortable ride searching and bookings for the customers

The mobile apps are the best means to ensure and book a ride. An e-scooter app with the out-of-the-box features can enable your users to book an amazing ride with you. At the same time, the e-scooter rental app can help you to offer your customers a comfortable ride and other best possible services without any hassles. Using your e-scooter app, the customers can book their rides from any point and anywhere within your prescribed city limits and can travel easily to their destination with a pocket-friendly commutation method. Upon reaching their destination, they can easily park the e-scooter in the dockyard and move on stress-free. Through the mobile e-scooter app, the users can also be notified about the inventory and sometimes the schemes which you offer them.

On-the-go Payments

There are many issues faced by the customers when it comes to payment for the rides. The mobile apps allow users to go cashless and offer exclusivity to the end users. Having mobile app payments completes the entire process of your e-scooter business starting from the ride-booking to the payments for it. If you have an e-scooter app for your business, you can be benefited by the increased user base as customers are looking for convenience. The comfort that you offer your users can in return generate more revenues for your business and also keep the customers loyal to you.

All in all, a good scooter rental company requires an excellent scooter rental app. We can help you in gaining momentum for your e-scooter business by building an e-scooter app with the latest technology and amazing features. The features for your e-scooter app can be customized according to your requirements. We can also help you out with the market research and buying your own fleet of e-scooter.

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