5 Reasons Why Food Delivery App Is Needed By Restaurant Owners In 2022

Food Delivery Apps

The online food delivery industry will be a $200 billion industry by 2025! The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live and online ordering of food has seen an all-time high. 

Although the concept of ordering food right from your home is not new, the big difference is the variety offered today. Earlier, you had to order specifically from a restaurant and the limited menu they had. The availability was hyper-local and usually restricted to a few kilometers around your home. 

Food delivery apps have changed this. The offer of having cooked food delivered to your doorstep, ready to eat while you relax on your couch, never loses its appeal. 

As a restaurant owner, you must have an on-demand food delivery app. More and more people are demanding such services. Moreover, your restaurant will fall off the map if you do not have an online presence or an app. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an on-demand food delivery app

NUMBER 1 : Exponential Growth In Demand 

The growth trends and explosive numbers validate the concept. Customers are willing to pay for convenience. Even as the covid-19 wave ebbs and people get back to normalcy, the habits we have taken to, are here to stay. Staying indoors, ordering food and grocery online. 

The on-demand food industry is an upward graph. 

The target market is busy people who do not have time to cook and end up ordering. The size of this market is also increasing. Urban lives are getting busier leaving people with less time to cook food. Therefore if you have a food business or restaurant, you should strongly consider developing an on-demand food delivery app. 

NUMBER 2 : More returning customers

Once customers download your on-demand food delivery app, they are more likely to reorder and keep returning to you as a customer. If you provide good food and good service, customers will place an order again. 

Most customers end up ordering the same thing they liked the last time. If your user experience is good, your food delivery app will boost sales and growth. 

NUMBER 3: Less Errors In Execution 

The food delivery app increases transparency and convenience for both parties. Usually at a restaurant, orders can get mixed up. Although not so common, errors happen. With the application, the customer will place a precise order and write any special requests she/he may have for the food. Spicy, not too spicy, food allergies etc everything is clearly mentioned for the restaurant executives to see. 

It is also effective in streamlining operations in the kitchen and creating a delightful food and service experience for the customers. 

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NUMBER 4: Reach more customers

Developing an on-demand food delivery app is an expansion step. You can make yourself available to more customers and what otherwise would have been a geographically limited business can now expand to customers in each corner of the city. 

The restaurant and service becomes accessible to a larger market. Considering you already have customers in your food business, developing an application for it is a natural extension. 

NUMBER 5: Projected Growth of the Industry 

As a restaurant owner, you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to rise with the rising graph of the industry. This growth is backed by on-demand application technology. The demand is growing and the ratio of offline to online will start tilting more to the online side.

Technology and Innovation is the future and soon, it will become the primary way of making purchases. Customers will base their decisions on ratings and reviews. You should have an on-demand food delivery app to capitalize on this opportunity and set yourself up for upcoming innovations and consumer habits. 

Additionally, another benefit of having your own food delivery app, is that you get control over how far you’ll deliver geographically. If you list yourself with food delivery platforms like Uber Eats or Zomato, you will have a bunch of guidelines to follow. By creating your own app, you make decisions that impact your business directly. 

This makes the process more effective and you are more in control of how everything is executed. You can give customers benefits for ordering from your app and maybe extend those benefits to your dine-in experience as well. 

How we can help you

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