iOS app development: why do you need an extensive team of strategists and developers to create the best mobile app?


In this blog read, why do you need an extensive iOS app developers and strategists team for iOS app Development?

Mobile app development is the hottest topic these days. It is necessary to keep yourself up-to-date with the current trends in mobile app development to watch out for the opportunities. iOS development is being considered as the future of mobile app development.

When we think about iPhone app development, there is no limitation to achievement on this platform. The App Store is filled with wonders. Most startups and entrepreneurs are considering iOS as the most lucrative platform to turn their ideas into implementation.

According to a report in Techcrunch, revenue generated per U.S. iPhone grew 36% from $58 in 2017 to $79 in 2018. Apple’s app store revenues have a significant impact as the developers are building subscription-based apps. Mobile gaming apps are given credit to raise more than half of the revenue. However, more substantial growth is seen in other app categories where the subscription-based apps are on the top. The report also included that in 2017-2018, the average money iPhone users spent on in-app purchases and paid app downloads was more than $21.

Average app spending per active iphone-category

In 2018, there was a 42% increase in average per-device spending and mobile gaming continued to have a lion’s share that is 56% of average consumer spent. But the non-gaming categories too fared much better in 2018. The categories, which dominated the top charts including subscription-based apps were seen to have much higher growth in the year.

The entertainment apps and the lifestyle apps grew their revenue per-device in 2018 by 82% and 86% respectively. The entertainment apps could make it to $8 whereas the lifestyle apps could reach up to $3.90. Health and Fitness apps grew by 75% and accounted for $2.70. The other categories which could make it up to the top-five list Music and Social Networking apps.

Average app spending per active iphone
From this data, we can make out that the subscription apps are playing an important role to make the iPhone customers spend more money. Customers are more interested in apps and services. This includes App Store subscriptions, Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, App Store Search ads, AppleCare and more.

Why you need to hire professional iOS app developers For iOS app development

Looking at the current scenario, it can be said that there is an increasing demand in smartphones as well as apps. Interestingly, this has led to more and more companies turn towards iOS mobile app development.

Apple’s iOS is a mobile operating system that requires a specialized approach to develop mobile apps. Unlike regular web and mobile apps, this platform requires more strategic planning and implementation.

In the last few years, iOS app development has risen and become one of the greatest business ventures worldwide. This is because every business organization wants to get on the platform and make their products and services known. But, to cope up with duping and misleading the users, Apple has established some strict standards to be observed by every developer and designer who develops iOS apps.

Before getting visibility on the iPhone store, an app undergoes through design and development-based iOS app development standards. These standards include hassle-free UX-UI flow, thematic structure, and continuity. Every organization that wants to develop a product for the iOS platform has to adhere to these standards set by Apple.

Not only organizations but the developers who develop their apps need to be well-learned about the various standards to follow. They also need clever strategies to convert users and retain subscribers.

The companies need a proper global team of sophisticated developers to develop their products and mobile apps. As mobile application development, interactive gaming, and social media are leading the technology offerings, virtually every mobile user is seeking to interact with digital apps that offer interesting, easy and functional designs.

As the competition is increasing day by day in the industry, every mobile app development company, as well as developers are working hard to ensure every pixel is set right. There are many benefits obtained from a well-executed digital transformation. iOS undoubtedly is taking businesses and companies to the next level.

The companies and organizations are looking out for the right app development company which can help them make it big in the industry. The businesses are also willing to pay for brand awareness and precious consumer data.

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