Why Ruby On Rails to Deliver Complex Content Management Systems?


If you are planning a simple website or a content-driven application, the content management systems are your go-to. WordPress has been quite popular in this segment, and most often people start their blogging or simple sites with WordPress. However, when it comes to certain complex and complicated problems, WordPress may not be able to help you. You need a more powerful platform, one that can help out with a logical yet simple solution.

A lot of businesses have checked custom content management systems developed using Ruby on Rails. Yes, it is popular, owing to the way in which you can customize the systems and appropriately fit in.

Rails offers unique and featured content management system that allows you to build websites and applications that are simple yet functional.

Here we will discuss by citing examples, how the unique combination of Ruby and Rails helps deliver incredible content management systems.

Flexible Layouts With Aesthetic Designs:

One of the major reasons for using Ruby on Rails for delivering your own content management system is the flexibility with the layout it offers. You can easily structure the page as you want with the Rails CMS that offers this level of flexibility.

One such example would include Radiant CMS. Delivered on RoR, it offers an elegant and user-friendly interface with a number of extensions. They have used a personalized print markup language made up of RDoc, BBCode and Structured Text.

In case of the flexible layouts, you can easily make the blog page a secondary page under the parent page.

The Excellent Cache System:

The content management systems developed using RoR have an excellent cache system, which makes up for the immediate launch of the applications. The quick upload time matched with the framework’s increased scalability ability, you will be able to serve the users with the results in a matter of seconds. The response time is reduced with the caching system’s efficiency.

Adva CMS developed using Ruby on Rails is an example of how you can take advantage of the caching system. This CMS uses the Ruby Engines and has formed its own search engine features.

The WYSIWYG Editing:

Most of the content management systems in the market have this ability but, what if you could customize the editor to perform what you want it to? That’s what a CMS developed using RoR is capable of doing. It helps you deliver the exactness of your needs, and allows you to work on customizing the editor. When you use the end product, you can edit it in style.

Scrivito is an open-source CMS developed on Rails and has efficiently used this editor to benefit the users. This allows them to design the front end aesthetically and manage the edits better.

Easy Collaboration:

When you are developing a content management system that is customized to your needs, there would be dead ends. As a developer, it is important you have someone by your side who can help you out of the situation. That’s where the community helps. The Ruby on Rails community is large and supportive. You can rely on them to help you with customizing the solutions and providing easier ways to control the issues.

The community’s response is immediate. When developing personalized CMS solutions, you also need to develop the plugins essential to customize the whole website. There will be a need for help in this case.

Refinery is a CMS developed with Rails that is actually meant for the beginners. The community support helped in delivering the needed plugins for scalability and ease of use. The CMS is multi-lingual and supports close to 30 languages. Personalizing plugins is also easy.

Addition of Versatile Functions:

When you are dealing with content management systems, you will need to add certain versatile functions too to help deliver the exact solutions. The idea is to keep the interface simple so that the addition does not affect the traffic and improves visibility. The best way to accomplish this would be by creating a content management system that is customized to the best of its abilities.

Camaleon delivered using Ruby on Rails web development, is the CMS that allows you to personalize the functions and offers a wide range of functionality the users. Without going complex, the CMS allows for the addition of features that are advanced and usable. It is only possible if you use the Rails platform.

Of course, it is absolutely unnecessary to go ahead with Rails, if you want a simple and aesthetic website, as we have discussed earlier. However, if you are fond of complexities, Rails is your go-to for content management systems.


Fae by FINE is one of the recent open-source content management systems delivered using Ruby on Rails. The reason it stands out in the competition is owing to the lightweight and customization options made available with this framework.

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