Why Mobile App Strategy Fails in Business Startups?


The startup culture has completely could be seen emerging in the year 2019 as well. More than 70% of young population are trying to invest in some or the other startup. There are many tech savvys wish to have their own startup someday. People have realised the growth and importance of technology. They want to design and implement innovative ideas using the latest technology trends.

According to latest updates, 80% of all minutes in mobile markets are spent on apps. By 2020, it is forecasted that mobile apps will be generating around 180 billion of U.S. dollars. Statistics point out, more than 268 billion apps were downloaded in the year 2018.

However, despite of all that, the question arises why some startups fail miserably? An article in Forbes magazine quotes that the percentage of successful mobile apps to be 0.1 percent. The economics of success for a startup seems really difficult to understand.It doesn’t matter even if a scenario seems too promising, startups face many different problems that cause their failure.

So, what are the main obstacles in their way to success? Why do most startups fails?

We have covered all the answers for you.

Poor planning

Money is always a main problem for every startup. Not enough planning in a proper way leads to failure for most startups. Careful planning according to your budget and needs is required to succeed in your endeavours. Planning is the first step that can decide your future. Assuming the worst case situation in advance and planning things accordingly would help you to think in right direction. You can win only when you have nothing to lose.

Bad app design

First look matters. If your app design is too complicated or visually not enough attractive, there are more chances of failure. The app design should be user-friendly with an easy but attractive interface. A well designed app has a few things in common – ease of access with the proper placement of buttons, simplicity and clear images with high resolution. Though, a good app design is desired, a better presentation helps to promote your app leading to more downloads than ever.

Development mistakes

Major application failures occur because of crucial development mistakes. Surprised? Yes, it is true. Many development teams tend to make wrong moves during the development process. These mistakes cause the downfall of your mobile app during marketing process as well.

A few common development mistakes that wiped out many mobile apps are:

Using more memory: Apps that require a lot of memory space are undesirable for most of the users. Though, following latest mobile trends and providing the features that are in-demand is important. But, at the same time you should make sure your users are not irritated because of the application consuming their whole memory space.

Lack of testing: Thorough testing operations are essential to make sure that no loopholes are left in your mobile app. Make sure it is working properly on every platform and the loading time is not extended. Users do not wish to have an app that does not run properly. With many free and paid apps available on net, handling the A/B testing is easy.

Substandard UX: Error Free app is great but, it doesn’t guarantee app success when it is launched. Keep in mind, a great code always works behind the scenes. The user desires a convenient and fast app. A capturing design is a must have for your app. User experience is what the world needs the most today. Having an interactive UX will make your app provide an engaging and interesting experience to your users.

Neglecting your target audience

It is very surprising that many startups do not consider the needs of their users, even when the mobile apps are built for the customers. It is very necessary to consider customer feedback about your mobile apps to increase your revenue. If you consider your recommendations and wishes, they will appreciate your approach. Even if you fail to deliver an update, make sure you make the app more flexible.

Now, you are aware about the main reasons for the startup failure. Make sure you avoid these mistakes and hire a team of professionals like Coruscate for effective development and higher number of downloads for your mobile application.

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