5 Reasons Why UI/UX Is So Important In On-Demand Apps

UI and UX of Apps

What is User Interface? 

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout of the application or website. It is basically the interface of communication between you and the app. The buttons, colors, fonts, images etc. 

All the elements that make the app functional, responsive and aesthetically pleasing. In simpler terms, everything you see just as you open an application to the point you close it is UI. 

This interface is created by a UI designer. She/He decides the color schemes, width or number of buttons, text font and overall look and feel. 

What User Interface (UI) creates is an User Experience (UX). As users, did you find it easy to navigate through the app? Was the process smooth and the look and feel nice? 

In the case of on-demand apps, you should be able to easily browse through the options, place an order, access your profile and order history and pay.

 If at any point in this process, you find it difficult to do a task, the interface is not right. Everything about the application should be user-friendly. 


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Why is User Experience Important? 

There is no worse a downfall any company can have than that of the one caused by bad user experience. It generates negative reviews and just in general, people are unimpressed with your product or service. If you don’t want that to happen, focus on the experience. 

Especially in on-demand apps, the proposition you are making is that of convenience and ease. There is no other product involved here. The graphic interface you create is 50% of the experience. The other 50% is how your delivery is. 

Let’s dive into the reasons why UI is important for on-demand apps

Grabs Attention of Users 

UI in on-demand apps is important to generate interest and make the users more engaged with the app. The design has to be gripping and should resonate with the brand image. If the UI is great, more people will download the app and use it regularly. 

Gets Featured in the App Store 

Better reviews and ratings will boost the app on different platforms like Playstore on Android and App Store on iOS. As it tops the charts, more people will download it. 

Easy App Navigation 

On-demand apps offer convenience and ease as the core proposition. The primary reason a user downloads the app and orders your services and products is because he wants something quick and easy. Having a user interface with easy app navigation will allow users to do that quickly. They will require the least amount of time to finish the transaction and place the order. 

Better Brand Recognition

If the UI/UX for the app  is nice, better will instantly connect it with the brand and recognise it. Creating a brand will be easier because people already like what they are seeing and experiencing through the on-demand app. The look and feel will convey quality to the users and they will start identifying you as an amazing brand. 

Customer Delight 

The user experience will leave a lasting impression on users. Generally users compare similar applications and user interface is one key factor of having good reviews and word-of-mouth. Investing in your interface is an easy way of standing out in the competition. 

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How can you create a good user interface for your on-demand application 


On-demand food appNow that you know why this is important, let’s understand what points to keep in mind while creating a good user experience. 

Do not  use too many colors or font schemes:

Keep the brand theme consistent so that users can easily identify and connect with the designs. The graphics should reflect the brand positioning and identity. 

Create a smooth flow of actions for the user:

 The navigation should be seamless and users should not struggle with whatever task they are trying to accomplish. Place the right buttons at the right place. 

Keep it simple and neat: 

Users do not enjoy clutter in the form of too many action buttons thrown at them. Visuals should be neat and only keep items that contribute something to the experience. 

Be innovative:

 Your on-demand app can stand out if you are unique and innovative in design and functionality. Users love to see a fresh take on traditional design that catches attention and solves a problem they were facing previously. 


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