How Electric Scooters Rental Business will have a lion’s share in saving the cities?


“Be a part of solution, not a part of pollution.”

Yes, the world is experiencing a great threat to the environment because of different types of pollution. Humans, in order to simplify their lives have compromised the environment and their surroundings.

According to Union of concerned scientist, 150 million Americans live in the areas that don’t meet federal air quality standards. Major source of this pollution are the passenger vehicles and heavy duty trucks. The harmful emissions from these vehicles have degraded the air quality.

There are increasing health risks for the people due to the air pollution. People are suffering from respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. There are life-threatening risks like cancer which we have to face thanks to the polluted air that we inhale. Around 30000 premature deaths each year are caused by particulate matter.

The passenger vehicles produce a large amount of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and almost a quarter of hydrocarbons emitted in the air. According to a study, cars release approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually which is world’s 20%. Motor vehicles also contribute 72% of nitrogen oxide and 52% reactive hydrocarbons.

People around the world are struggling to improve the transportation methods and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The micro mobility can prove to be a powerful ally to tackle the situation. Electric scooters are environment friendly and do not require any extra infrastructure.

There are many benefits of e-scooters that should be considered in order to save the cities and make them pollution free for the future generations. Electric scooter rentals have proved to be cost-effective and robust solution for mobility in the changing environment.

Want to the benefits of using electric scooter to save your city? Let’s discuss a few.

Efficiency and Weight:

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The electric scooter weighs just 28 pounds and is fitted with an electric motor. The energy used for running an e-scooter is much less than running a car. According to an American study, the car can run less than a mile using one kilowatt of energy whereas the e-scooter can travel more than 80 miles. These tiny vehicles are so efficient and energy saving. When compared to them, the humans would burn nine times as much energy walking and about four times much energy in bicycling the same distance.

Less money spent on fuel:

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The amount of money spent for your electric scooter charging is very less than the amount of money required for travelling in other alternatives like public transports, cars and ride-sharing services.

As the e-scooter’s burn less or no fuel, the pollution too is very less or almost none. If you start using the e-scooters for commuting in your day-to-day life, you can feel the difference within a few days in your surroundings. Along with that, you can also save the money which otherwise is spent on transportation.

Less cost of production:

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Electric scooter are cost efficient too. The production cost of one big car is almost equivalent to cost of around 100 e-scooters. This can be very efficient option for your short range trips. The electric scooter rentals have the potential of providing daily transportation as a very low economical rate. Many people around the world can be benefited by the use of e-scooters at a very low price and least harm to the environment.


The electric scooter is a great way of saving the environment and the economy at the same time. When you think of buying a car, there can be huge burden on shoulders about the loan and you will be increasing another means of pollution in the city. However, you can use a e-scooter to travel to your school, college and even office or even in the nearby vicinity just to have fun with friends. Electric scooters can prove to be an efficient medium of transport for you and your family members.

Even if you don’t want to buy an electric scooter, there are many electric scooter rental companies providing you e-scooters at a very affordable price. You might want to try using one of them yourself.

If you have the ability to purchase a few electric scooters, you might even get an opportunity to start your own electric scooter rental business and make it big in the field of latest means of transportation.

Coruscate is a company which has developed mobile apps for electric scooter rental for many businesses. We can help you build a lime-like e-scooter app for according to your unique requirements. If you have some queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide free consultation to help you build your e-scooter rental business. Saving environment should be our priority. After all, nature is the miracle that we depend upon.

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