Telemedicine White-Label Solution – Our App + Your Brand + Your Patients

Telemedicine White-Label Solution - Our App + Your Brand + Your Patients

White Label Solutions are a great way to kickstart your business, by getting a platform well developed by the professionals and making the most out of it once it is done. It is a fully supported product or service that serves your purpose.

Since these solutions are made a third party company and then sold to you, it saves you the time and money and also, the chances of creating errors, since before launching your platform, you can explore all the aspects of it.

Let’s learn about how telemedicine white label solutions can help you with your healthcare firm:

1. It Is Quick And Easy To Brand

These solutions are fully integrated and ready-made and thus can be advantageous if you are planning on adding new features to the platform. As the reseller, you will be free from the hassle of researching about the development process and can directly focus on the branding path.

2. It Keeps Your Customers Happier

Every customer that approached you has an end goal in mind, and thus white label solutions directly assist them towards attaining their end-goal rather than loitering around the pre-developed solution.

3. It Allows You To Focus On Your Business’s Core Competency

Often, when a company decides to build its online solutions, it stands far off from their area of expertise, and thus there are tremendous chances of mishaps taking place due to lack of proper knowledge and an efficient team.

Stretching resources on doing something that does not match with your core competencies can only lead to disastrous results, where there is no going back then.

The experts who build a white label solution are focused and well aware of their space of work and thus the chances of disasters narrow down, letting you focus on your business and plan on how to carry the platform forward towards delivering the desired goals and results.

With our area of expertise in developing telemedicine white-label solutions, we create a platform that enables to you reach out to a large number of patients, carry out the treatments and diagnosis in the best possible manner.

Our telemedicine solutions are result based and thus we believe in developing applications that are patient-centric, providing utmost comfort to the doctors and the healthcare professionals.

Our fully developed white-label solution provides an ease to the patients while providing them spacious comfort with the following features:

  • Push Notification
  • View Staffs
  • Access PHR (Full Form?)
  • Book An Appointment
  • Consult Doctors Via Audio/ Video Calls
  • Ask Questions To Healthcare Experts
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Online Payment
  • Daily Health Routine Checkup

We curated telemedicine solutions that are best suitable for any healthcare module willing to provide online telemedicine/ telehealth services which make sure that everything is done right and error-free.

With technologically advanced features, our telemedicine white label solution is a one-stop solution for all the patients looking for hassle-free of getting treated with immense room for updates and advancements.

Our white label telemedicine solution offers some stand-out features that separate it from the rest of the solutions trending in town while toning down the intensity of the process and indulging comfort.

Here are the best features on our white label telemedicine solution:

1. Appointment Booking – Book an appointment with a healthcare expert relevant to your illness and symptoms.

2. Push Notifications – Get daily updates about new offers and updated services on the platform.

3. Easy Payment Getaway – Make a payment for the services availed through various suitable options, such as Debit/ Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking, etc.

4. Easy Video Consultation – With high-quality video calling services, the process of availing consultation while having a one-on-one conversation with the doctor becomes easier.

5. Question Answer Section – Here the patients can ask relevant questions about their symptoms and illness and remedies.

6. Health Tracker – Once a patient is associated with a dedicated doctor, the doctor keeps a check on a regular basis about the patient’s health conditions and improvements post the diagnosis and treatment.

7. Multi-Color Options – To improve the process with high-quality X-Rays and Video-Calling facilities.

8. Data Security And HIPAA Compliance – Patient’s data are stored on a cloud without the fear of breach of trust, with limited access for the doctors, and thus the patients need not worry about their personal data being leaked.

Also, in compliance with HIPAA, the sensitivity of patient’s data is given the utmost value and made sure nothing comes on the way of maintaining the security decorum.

You can be a part of our live Telemedicine App demo session in order to get a better understanding of our platform, making the client understand how telemedicine app development service or solution can benefit their business, work as a revenue generation model and at the same time provide immense help and support in the field of healthcare.

Book a live demo session today.

We also provide custom branding options for the solution, thus if you are willing to update new and advanced features on the platform, our team will be willingly available to assist you through the process.

We brainstorm ideas and weigh the pros and cons of each and every feature of the app while keeping in mind the concept of serving the needy and being there for the patients who are unable to access healthcare facilities.

We keep in mind the benefits of the doctors, the providers and the patients while developing the application, and curate ideas and features that help all the mentioned factors in the best possible way.

Learn more about telemedicine applications for providers and telemedicine applications for the doctors to gain a better understanding of our research and analysis and the workflow of the module.

Let’s build your own app

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