White Label Restaurant Food Delivery App Solution : Why choosing white label solution for your food delivery app is beneficial?

It is always a great feeling when we achieve something on your own. While that might be the case, having a technology partner to help you with the app development can bring you a lot of happiness as it can help you reap benefits.


Starting a business is never an easy job. And when you plan on earning money from the business it becomes practically impossible to do it alone and without putting in a lot of effort. The digital tide has enveloped many diverse varieties of businesses in its own cage and the food delivery business is one of the most important products.

If you have been thinking of starting your own food delivery business, the chances are more that you have thought about the app clone many times. You might also wish to have your products and services to be made readily available to your customers. At the same time, you have the idea of making the services accessible and easy to use. This is where we come up with our white label solution at your service.

But now you must be thinking, ” is simply having an app clone not enough?” Well, not really. If you dream of getting your business fame and being successful in no time, just developing any app clone will not be helpful. It becomes necessary for you to have a white label solution that can help you to reap a lot of benefits.

What actually is a white label Restaurant Food Delivery App solution?

The white label applies to a fully established product or service that’s made by one company and bought another. White label commodities and services are bought by the latter company without branding. The company which buys the solution can brand it as its own and have its own logo and identity. The buyer company can then allow customers to associate the product in a cost-effective way.

White label solutions work well when it comes to developing apps. Using white label solutions can increase the distribution of your services providing your audiences with more choices within your services.

If you’re still confused about whether a white label solution is for you or not, consider these points:


  • It’s fast and simple to brand. White label solutions can offer benefits if you’re seeking ways to add new features to your food delivery app. White label solutions are usually completely integrated and ready-made. This helps you to make the branding very easy. You do not need to waste time and money on research or development. You can append your own branding and identity, and get back to the game.
  • It keeps your customers more satisfied. Your customers have a certain goal. By using a white label solution you can grant them a clear and simple way to reaching it. The extra months or sometimes years that it takes to build your own solution can drive customers elsewhere for solutions. You can stop this with a prepackaged solution that meets their requirements promptly.
  • It shields your time and money. Building a solution from scratch takes a considerable amount of financial and human capital resources as well as a lot of time. Though a custom solution may seem the best at the beginning, you may soon find that the effort hinders internal business processes and even exhausts your budgets. Even if you can consider building it, it is necessary to consider the time for marketing. You must remember that it takes time to consider the architecture, design, building, and testing the solution. If you need a speedy deployment, compromising with any of these things can leave you even more behind. When time is really important and you need to be quick, investing in an actual solution may be more cost-effective as the outcome.
  • It enables you to concentrate on your business’s core competency. the solutions that companies hope to build themselves fall considerably outside of their areas of expertise in many cases. It’s not intelligent to expand your resources to do something that doesn’t belong within your core competencies. Make sure you take a close look at the solution that you require and then compare it to the resources that are available. After considerable research, you can decide whether a white label solution would help you approach your goals more efficiently.
    The white-label solution gives an opportunity to have faith in the experts in the particular space that you need to concentrate on. By doing so, you can avoid making similar mistakes that have been previously made by other entrepreneurs.


Why is our white-label solution perfect for your food delivery app development?

A food delivery app might be a familiar name on every tongue and is certainly popular with each startup. Although, Uber and other such popular apps have millions of users under its name, having a clone app can not help you in achieving the same objective. The on-demand business is growing with each passing day. There is a great demand for the development of food delivery app clones around the world. The market does hold a lot of opportunities in the food delivery business in the coming era.

There are a lot of companies that are into developing Uber clone apps using the Uber clone app scripts. But, you must consider are those Uber clone apps worthy enough to go for. As the Play Store and App Store have certain rules that you need to follow while launching the app. If your app is a clone, the app might just get deleted from the stores. Even if the app is launched, you might not get the expected response from your audience. Also, you need to make sure that the market will be welcoming your product with open arms or else the efforts will go in vain.

Here is what you get when you develop your food delivery app with our white label solution:


  • An excellent product created and developed by expert professionals
  • Tested and durable code that can support multi-device platforms
  • App store docile product
  • Comprehensive customized solution based on your requirement
  • The complexities are reduced as you get a ready product with all authorities at your figure tips
  • Benefits with a technology partner to work for you



Our white label solution named Vahak allows us to develop an on-demand food delivery app within 45-55 business days costing $10000. If you wish to have a high-end food delivery app, it may cost you more than $20,000. We have expert teams of designers and developers who can deliver the next generation app for your business. So, if you wish to know more about Vahak- our white label solution, and you are interested in investing the latest technology and infrastructure, feel free to connect with us through the contact us form.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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