Which platform to launch your application on : Android vs iOS

The choice of app platform plays a crucial role when launching a mobile app. The choice between Android vs iOS should be based on market analysis and your business targets.  It is how you strike a balance between the requirements of your target market and application requirements 

These are the key determinants of the choice of launching your app on  Android vs iOS.

1. Geography

If your target is a global audience then the best option is Android because the latter dominates with a larger market share. 

But if you want to target North America or Europe, you can opt for iOS.

2. Socio-economic Background

It is important to understand the socio-economic background of your users because it will influence their purchase decisions. 

3. Audience

The audience is important when deciding to launch an app on Android vs iOS because concentrating on the target audience would help you to grow your app user base. 

While Android might be ahead in the number of downloads, iOS users show higher engagement rates and spend more on paid apps and in-app purchases.

4. App Launching Timeline

Launching also depends on how quickly you want to get your app into the market. Your timeline for launching can play a huge part in determining which platform Android vs iOS is best to launch first.

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Launching on Android and iOS at once 

The demographics associated with both platforms must be fully analyzed. Launching on both platforms could be a better choice for your application.

1. Better Market Reach

Reports state that cross platform and mobile advertising market size is valued at USD 63.64 Billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 364.54 Billion by 2028. So opting both platforms is a smarter choice instead of opting between Android vs iOS.

2. One Source Code

Having one source code is probably the best practice for application development. Also it is great from the developer aspect as they can reuse and reduce their code.

3. Easy Product Maintenance

Having a single source code to focus on, what’s not great about it! 

You have to perform a lot fewer tests to fix the bugs and easy one time deployment with cross platform applications.

4. Cost Effective

As developers have to work on only one source code, that turns into reduced time and cost. Quality Testing is easy too and so for that reason cost is reduced.

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