How to Solve Web & Mobile Application Development Challenges With DhiWise

How to Solve Web & mobile Application Development Challenges With DhiWise

The on-demand services have disrupted numerous sectors including transportation, e-commerce, education, hospitality, and Healthcare. Thanks to higher internet speed and cheaper data plans it is easy to find and get things online with the click of your fingertips.

Even the established business models are transforming to get synchronized with the digital ecosystem and to grow their business.

However, the growing digitization and increase in on-demand services have raised the demand for web and mobile applications development. 

The following figures reflect how app development has gained high momentum. 

To fulfill this growing demand software service providers and developers are continuously working hard, but still, some challenges are difficult to overcome in app development. Fortunately, with DhiWise developers can easily overcome those challenges. 

Web and mobile app development challenges faced by app developers and how  DhiWise can help to overcome those challenges.    

Rapidly changing technology                                                                               


We are living in a fast-paced technological era where everyone needs to keep up with the latest trends and changes in core technologies to stay ahead in the competition. 

Any advanced application built today with the latest technologies will be outdated in a few years, if not maintained and improved according to the market requirements.  

Therefore, for developers, it is essential to use the best technologies that are continuously upgraded to keep up with the trends, user requirements, and market changes. 


DhiWise is an application development platform that helps developers to build web and mobile applications efficiently using the most popular technologies which include,

  1. Node.js
  2. Kotlin
  3. Mongo.DB
  4. React.js  

And the support for new technologies such as Flutter, Angular.js, Swift, Laravel, and more are coming soon.

The platform eliminates the need for manual installation of development software on your devices, saving your device resources. It also helps you to easily upgrade your favorite technology to its latest version.

Remote development team


The covid-19 restriction has forced many organizations to work remotely. Having a remote development team for software projects has its own challenges, such as collaboration and sharing of code resources.


DhiWise supports remote development with secure module-specific access. It provides a collaborative environment for the development team to accelerate application development.

Poor code quality 


For any application quality is critical, you cannot compromise on the quality of the application whether it is a small or large app. Especially, if you are working on a big project with a large development team, it is difficult to maintain the app code and thus reduces the app quality. 


DhiWise supports Clean Code Architecture and thus generates 100% clean code. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about training your development team for writing clean code. 

This functionality helps developers to build highly scalable, maintainable, and testable applications with high-quality code. 

Difficulty in building customized application


Building customized web and mobile applications are time-consuming and require a lot of effort. Using low code and no-code platforms reduces the time and effort for building applications but both of them don’t provide the required flexibility in programming to build customized apps.


DhiWise empowers developers to build customized applications faster with full flexibility in coding, making your application unique and more secure as developers know how things are working in the app which is not possible using low code and no-code platforms. 

Slower development speed


The repetitive task in application development reduces the developer’s efficiency and can lead to multiple errors. Overall, it makes the development slower and stressful. 

Some of these tasks include manually creating database schema, documentation, and writing code for API integrations, etc.


DhiWise reduces most of the repetitive tasks by automatically generating source code with the minimum input, also you can generate Swagger documentation for your application, auto-generate APIs, set authentication and authorization in the application, and much more.

Building Secure applications


Reverse Engineering of your app code can be the biggest threat to your business and customer information. Developers should enforce cybersecurity to their application code to avoid reverse engineering of your application code. 


DhiWise enforces cybersecurity to your application code making it difficult to reverse Engineer and avoids potential threats from attackers.


Developing an application with the best quality within a limited time and budget can be difficult. However, delivering quality applications faster to the market has many advantages such as, 

  • Better customer satisfaction
  • You can get early feedback for app improvements
  • Helps you to understand market requirements
  • Minimizes the chances of app failure

In this article, we have seen how DhiWise can help you to overcome most of the application development challenges and accelerate your app development while maintaining its quality. 

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