Creating VR Solutions for Immersive Experiences

Coruscate helps attain your goals of living the reality virtually by offering VR app development services. Our in-house VR tool, ZepVR created using the core VR technology React VR, allows us to offer immersive and informative VR experiences using any device.

We believe in being device agnostic; so, whether you have the Oculus Rift or, a normal VR device.

You will be able to experience the applications without a glitch.

Benefits of the VR Tool

  • It works on any VR device. So, whether you are using the top-notch VR device or a cheap version of the same, you will experience your application seamlessly
  • The tool will take VR beyond gaming industry. The tool will help the different industries showcase their services, and create immersive web or mobile apps for the end users
  • The tool supports the VR apps in the offline mode. So, even without the internet connection, you are still in the immersive virtual world.
  • The tool will give a navigation menu to the VR app

Services we offer

  • VR application consultation
  • VR apps development
  • VR gaming apps
  • VR support and maintenance

Industries we cater to


Our VR solutions help the providers investigate real life situations with new data preparing them for new age procedures and innovations in healthcare

Real Estate

A good VR solution for the real estate industry allows potential customers to know the property in detail, and get to know how it would look like once ready. There are other advantages of VR in real estate too


Give a virtual tour of your hotel or resort to get their attention and to improve conversions for your business. You can even showcase the comfort of your airplane, the joys of roaming on the streets of your city etc


Virtual classrooms are becoming a reality, and with the VR apps, you will be able to cater to more students and offer better learning environment


VR based ads engage with the potentials and get them to notice you. If you want to improve the attraction and increase the action level for your product, it is time to indulge in VR based ads


The gamers have defined an environment with endless opportunities and remarkable possibilities using the VR tools


It is time to notch up the entertainment quotient for you, by bringing in real-world experiences virtually. With VR, the experience of watching a movie or a game is more immersive and highly incredible

Why partner with us?

We offer highly technical and easy solutions containing VR technology for the end users. If you are looking for a custom solution to your idea, connect with us.

  • A complete understanding of VR
  • Been offering VR services since inception
  • Collaborated with top-notch VR companies
  • In-house VR tool to improve VR app capability
  • Team of experienced and dedicated VR developers
  • 24/7 approach towards support
  • Easy to understand and usable VR app solutions
  • Innovative and agile
  • Customer-centric engagement and usability models

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