VR Game App development: Gaming in the age of VR – 80s, 90s and 2000s


In the era of 80s and 90s virtual reality was nothing more than sci-fi. Who knew it will make businesses grow in the coming future!

Let us take a trip down the memory lane into the 80s when video games began to make their entry in the human world.

Gaming in the 80s and 90s

It was a great period. People could feel the awesomeness. The clothing style, the hair, and even the music felt good and uncomplicated. Actually, everyone before having their heads in their phones was enjoying these concepts. Today’s kids might scoff at these video games and might even find them not so cool. But then there was nothing cooler than being able to type your initials in the game for the highest score.

There were games like Space Invader and Frogger that came up around 1980-1981. These games had the most addictive music and they required patience to play. These games were simple but worth the shot.

Racing car themed games originated in the 80s. Namco released them in 1982 but they were said to be the highest grossing arcade game in North America in 1983. Ms Pacman was another hit which was even nominated for Kid’s Choice Award for Favourite Video Game.

In this game, people wasted so many hours to feel they are the lady Pacman just to experience different stages in Ms Pacman’s life. Then came the star wars, and battle tanks. Chris and Jason Kingsley, the founders of UK studio Rebellion games produced hits like Alien vs Predator and Sniper Elite series. The animated world cost $15 for 10 mins and was considered overwhelming and unrealistic. Then in the late 80s and 90s, VR fell entirely flat.

Later in 2000, Jon Hare proved to be the launcher of heavyweight games from the 80s and 90s.

In 2015, VR was once again encountered in the gaming industry. The VR app development soon took over once again. It was then that the investors, creators, and developers had plunged full force into the technology again. For a few years, virtual reality (VR) has been just aiming to go mainstream. But the reason that it couldn’t take off that well could be due to lack of marketing, lack of great games on offer or due to extremely expensive headsets. That was just until now.

Various platforms of gaming and the effect of VR

The revolution started with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and now the Oculus Go. The buzz around VR into continues to grow and this time it doesn’t feel like it will stop.

In 2016, Owlchemy labs released Job Simulator for which they received a great response from all around the world. Another breathtaking experience was that of Birdly. It was a completely robotic device that simulated the feeling of being a bird.

In 2018 came the Eco-combat and Moss which were developed by Ready at Dawn and Polyarc had the world glued to the screen. Other VR games like Pokemon made the public go crazy. The latest version for gaming and VR is PlayStation5 coming up in 2019.

How did people react to the latest VR?

People are calling the virtual reality an empathy tool. That is because of the empathic nature of VR which is undeniably true. There is a reactive quality to VR experiences that has cinephiles, gamers, and academics, who are baffled by the complex familiarity of the technology’s inherent connectivity to an experience.

What more is coming up?

If you plan on keeping your eyes stuck for more VR, you must know that the first big leaps will happen on mobile platforms. Home gaming systems will be the first ones in developing the technology and advancing its software, but the ease and accessibility of mobile platforms will likely become a  must for the business. As an organization integrates VR into their marketing strategies, mobility will remain critical.

There are more and more amazing VR games that are being created by developers which are showing a lot of promise.

So if you’re trying to jump into the astonishing world to take your adventure to the next level of immersion, you’re in the right place for your VR app development. At Coruscate, we can help you to develop the VR gaming apps and conquer the whole VR world with the latest VR technology.

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