How We Helped a Digital Agency Process Large Quantities of Media Content in Real-time Seamlessly?

A digital agency based out of Japan & Singapore helps media houses manage and
process large quantities of visual and informative media content. They were looking
for ways in which they could process the visual content, including video, while taking
into account the wide range of facial expressions.

Coruscate figured out a real-time, definitive solution to manage the visual media.

The Broad Requirements

  • They wanted to automate the solution of facial and media content recognition. If there were small discrepancies in the data, the system failed to recognize it, which led to duplicity of the same content.
  • The main idea was to avoid this duplicity and reduce the size of the available dataset.
  • They wanted a system that could accurately recognize the media and relate with the existing content and images.

Our Video Analysis and Facial Recognition Solution

We developed a video processing and facial expression analysis solution which helped the digital agencies match the content available in the system with the new content made available with greater accuracy.

Managing the Videos

The system can accurately match the individual frames within the videos with the available information. They can process the video content for the different resolutions, brightness, size, aspect ratio etc.

Requirement check

Machine Learning

With the introduction of machine learning within the system, the videos are analyzed for the various parameters using data science and pattern matching.

TextBlob and other tools would be used to identify and categorize the tweets.

Planning and Designing

Face Expression Detection

The analysis software is capable of decoding the different facial expressions and matching it with the right facial media available. This is helpful for biometrics and other necessary features. The system will identify only the frames with facial expressions, while ignoring the others, in order to reduce the dataset size.

Front end Development


  • Greater accuracy in managing the facial expressions
  • Video processing and analysis is done with greater effectiveness
  • Images are enhanced with greater efficiency