5 Unexpected Challenges You Will Face In Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development comes with its challenges. There will be many things you will need to look out for. Whether you have a business or looking to launch one, mobile app development poses different challenges each time. 

With the smartphone age taking center stage, mobile apps are more important than ever. E-Commerce is shifting towards M-Commerce (Mobile commerce)

Think about it, what was the last time you ordered something on a proper website? It is becoming more natural to look for products on mobile apps. 

In the process of mobile app development, you prepare yourself for a few obvious challenges which could include. 

Although, you will not be the one doing this first hand, your decision making will influence all these factors. 

But here are 5 challenges you probably didn’t expect coming as a business owner looking to develop a mobile application. 

Challenge 1     

 It is time consuming 

You will have to be patient with the process. Especially if you are doing it for the first time, you will need to guide the app development agency about your vision. 

Mobile app development takes time and revisions will be made over the course of time. 

The first prototype may not be successful. So you will have to plan things accordingly. Do not be 100% sure that something will come out right the first time around. 

Challenge 2 

Communication is tricky 

Now this is not a general rule of thumb but you will have to convey your message to the developers clearly because communication can be tricky. Your vision for the brand and market, app usability and all other details. Nothing should be lost in translation. 

Remember your vision has to travel across to the customer so clarity is important. Make sure you are in touch with the app development team and solve queries, provide inputs. 

Challenge 3 

Security and Data Management 

Sometimes, we are too busy developing features and UI that we undermine how important security and data management is. Ensure this is part of your plan and your team is focused on it. Data management if not done correctly will cost you revenue and trust. 

Test the security at every step so that you don’t have to go back to change something or fight malware later on.

Challenge 4 

Advertising and Marketing 

Although businesses always have advertising in mind and set things in place, getting noticed in mobile applications is rather tough. 

We know that apps are typed in directly in the search bar. If someone wants to download Amazon, they type Amazon. The decision is made before the search results appear. 

Chances are not enough people are looking for your app, so in this case, optimizing for web search is necessary, getting featured in the right category, showing up in suggestions etc are all important for people to notice your app. 

Challenge 5 

Coming out with ideas that are new and useful

A successful mobile app is the one which has the right balance of being innovative and being useful. Do not innovate so over the top that people find it confusing and it does not have a place in today’s era. It should be useful as well. 

On the other hand, if you do not create something interesting and new, no matter how useful the app is, people will not try it out or replace similar apps with it. When you do not innovate, chances are someone is already doing what you have done and is at the top. Without innovation you cannot catch up. 

So a balance between innovation and usefulness is a tricky thing to get right. 


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