Uber Works: Why Should You Build On-demand Staffing App Like Uber for Work?


Uber Works is the latest venture of Uber, which offers short-term staffing business solutions. They are planning to offer contractors and freelancers for events as well as corporate functions. Their on-demand staffing app called ‘Uber Works’ will offer security guards, waiters and other blue-collar staffers to businesses.

The project has been on for several months in Chicago, and they have started with the first trialing project in Los Angeles.

Uber Works will work in a similar fashion to the other aspects of the app. You can browse through the options available, seek their availability (either now or at the scheduled time), and make the payments.

Let’s get an insider’s insight into What Exactly is ‘Uber for Work’ or ‘Uber Works’.

What is ‘Uber for Work’ or ‘Uber Works’?

A long time back, Uber had released Uber for X, which was for all the other on-demand services required by the users. Similarly, they have released Uber Works, which is focused on the short-term work requirements posed by the company. You can hire temporary workers for the single shift requirements, in case someone is unavailable the next day or something similar, via an app like Uber for Work.

Job seekers can create their profiles, mention their availability and other details, which can help the app make the perfect match between the requirement and the availability.

In case you want to hire someone, and don’t want to undergo extensive paperwork, Uber Works is the best way to hire. You can simply quote your price, and get the person on-board. This is most often the best way to hire people for the general labor requirements posed by you. Thus, On-demand staffing app by Uber is called Uber Works.

Uber is not just diversifying its businesses, but also looking at fresh aspects and newer areas to grow. According to some reports, the Uber Works app will be segmented into different categories, similar to the cab share app. You will have to pay for the experience, skills and also the kind of work you want to get done plus the number of hours.

This will benefit a lot of industries, especially the hospitality industry, where there is a shortage of the staff at all hours. Instead of picking someone up from the road, this is a great way of getting a short-term staff to meet your hourly or shift-based requirements.

Reasons to Develop an On-demand Staffing App Like Uber for Work

On-demand is not just the need of the hour, but also what the millennial consumer is getting used to. From on-demand food deliveries to on-demand cabs Uber-like app, Uber has actually spoilt the consumer, and every other delivery seems slow and not moving.

When it comes to business needs, there is an obvious need to get the positions filled immediately, especially if it is the general labor. The reason being, an absence of the general labor can be felt immediately, and you cannot do your work while being understaffed at this position.

The on-demand staffing solutions will help you get a person on-board for the temporary absence, and continue working as before. There are several other reasons as well, for going on-demand with the staffing solutions.

Let’s say your business is not predictable. So, you never know when you are going to need extra hands. Let’s talk about the hospitality industry, especially the restaurants. Let’s say you have regular nights and a regular crowd at your hotel, then you have to staff accordingly.

However, there are those peak nights, either weekends or vacations, when the bar is full and there are people waiting to get a place. Your average number of people will not do for such nights. You need to get more people on-board to manage the crowd, before it gets out of your hand. So, the app will help you prepare for these nights, and you need to pay them for the shift they attend.

Let’s say you are a solo entrepreneur and do most of your work alone. However, there are tasks such as data entry that can be time-consuming. Passing it on to another person will save your time. Finding people to do these odd jobs can be best done via the app.

Let’s say you are into a business that is seasonal and does not have the need for a full-time staff at all times. In this case, the on-demand staffing solution will be your best bet. It will not only allow you to find the people needed for the jobs during peak seasons, but also save you from paying out to full-timers during off season.

When it comes to odd jobs and labors, recruiting them via interviews is just not possible. It does not work that way with them. You ought to find another way to deal with these people. One of the best ways to do that is via on-demand staffing solutions, where you simply need to check the availability, profile, experience and hire them.

There are times when your team gives you a no-show. What will you do at such a time? You cannot really go on without them. For such hours, you have the on-demand staffing solutions. You can hire someone last minute, and get the job done.

If you want to ease out the issues in the on-demand staffing business world, then here are your opportunities.

On-demand Staffing Opportunities

1. Staffing Supply to Businesses: Businesses are always in need of staff, especially short-term and general labor staff. There is always a scarcity faced by the businesses in this category. You simply cannot miss out on this opportunity of supplying resources to the businesses in case they fall short of it. Your solution should cater to the diverse businesses, study their needs, and accordingly provide with the right platform solutions. You will need to check the sectors that face the unexpected need of staff and provide your solutions accordingly.

2. Ease Demand-supply Ratio: There are times when businesses require the staff to handle a particular part of the work, at the last time. Restaurants face this issue the most. Instead of making hiring difficult for them, you can ease these challenges, by understanding the exact issues they face while hiring and what kind of labor force they tend to hire on general. Once you have the demand and supply ratio, you can create an app that will make demand equal to supply and ease the challenges faced by the businesses.

You should implement a solution that works not only for hiring, but also browsing, knowing new jobs available on board as well as one that makes payments easy for the user.

Planning to Build On-demand Staffing App Like Uber Works?

Uber Works is currently a pilot program run by Uber to check for successes and to understand the market needs. Before launching an app for on-demand staffing to the market, it is important that you run the pilot test to understand how your app will be accepted in the market.

If you are looking for on-demand staffing solution by developing mobile apps, get in touch with Coruscate. Our team will offer end-to-end staffing app development, which also includes beta testing and pilot programs for the successful launch of your app.

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