Uber for Kids: Must-Have Features for your Next On-demand App


The market for shared economy is growing. All major industries are undergoing Uberization, a transformation that is taking them into the on-demand spree.

Entering this space would be the Uber solutions for kids. Planning the logistics and ensuring that there is suitable travel options for the children is difficult. Uber for Kids has been defined to improve the experiences for families, schools and other institutions that tend to plan travel and ensure proper logistics for the kids.

The on-demand economy is currently attracting more than 22.4Mn consumers annually. The total spending in this segment accounts for $57.6Bn.

A lot of startups have been established in the Uber for Kids segment, which is yet another growing segment in the on-demand for transportation.

In Feb 2019, Zum, a ride-sharing app specifically designed for the kids, raised $40Mn in series C funding.

HopSkipDrive, yet another Uber for kids app raised $21.5Mn in 2018.

These are just two examples of how apps are being developed for this segment.

The growth in this segment is exponential, and new players seem to be joining them with new varieties and app ideas.

Car pooling for kids is a novel solution, one that requires a lot of planning, and needs you to think through the solutions.

If you are planning an app solution for these kid’s transportation, then let’s take a look at the must-have features for your app, and the ideal solution considerations. These will help you plan the app with better clarity and improve your conversions.

Must-have Uber for Kids App Features

  • Scheduling the Ride: Whether you are a family or a school, scheduling the ride for the day is important. You should be able to pick the date and time for the ride. In case, you plan on recurring this ride for the entire month, you should be able to schedule the same. The user should be allowed to schedule ride hassle-free.
  • Driver’s Profile: The driver and the rider (parent/school) should have a detailed profile listed on the app. The profile for both should be visible, and the other party getting connected should be able to see all the important details. Once the driver is connected for the kid, the parent/school should be able to see the past reviews and history in detail so that they can decide to go through the ride or not.
  • Tracking the Ride: The parent/school should be able to track the ride the kid is taking. The route, the stops and all minute detail should be tracked when the kid is involved. The monitoring ability of the app will enhance the security and increase the conversions.
  • In-app Payments: Considering it is the kid taking the ride, the parent should be able to pay within the app, either in prepaid or postpaid mode. The app should allow almost all payment forms to increase ease and convenience.
  • Fare Estimator: This will help both the drivers and the car riders know how much the ride will cost. it is an essential feature for the drive.

Unique Features that you Cannot Miss


  • Real-time Notifications: In case of any change in the vehicle or, breakdown or when the child reaches the destination, the parent or school should receive real-time notifications and alerts. This will help the parent stay in the know-how and increase their confidence in your app.
  • Carpooling Feature: Just like regular transportation apps, where you provide carpooling services, you can add the car pooling for kids feature to your app. It will help more kids living in the same locality to travel together, and increase the safety. It will also help parents opt for the car pooling solutions you are offering.
  • Commuting Facility: In case the kids are planning on commuting to the same location everyday, you can choose to offer a commuting facility in the app. It will allow the app users to check the Uber for kids as their daily shuttle.

How to Differentiate your App Solution?


#1 Take the Unique Approach


You will notice that most of the car pooling apps for kids take the same approach and define the same app. There is no difference between two kids taxi app development, and that leads to reduced competition and fewer conversions.

When you are planning a solution for Uber for kids, then make sure you think slightly different. Research the market, and identify the solution that has not been defined as yet. You can even look at the gaps that exist, and introduce the solution that aims to fill these gaps. For instance, there are apps that are focused on making scheduling easy for the kids while others opt to position themselves as good organizers. You will need to choose the direction you want to take for the app.

#2 Work on Security


When families and kids are involved, the one thing they seek in any solution is security. You wont want to compromise on security with your kids. That’s why when you are planning a solution for kids, then make sure you have worked on a completely secure app solution. this way, you can make sure that more families show interest in the app solution you are planning, and it will increase the downloads for the mobile app.

Summing Up


When you are planning on kids taxi app development, make sure you have introduced maximum security, taken into account the pain areas faced by the parents, and taken the unique route to devise the ultimate solution.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Introducing unique and absolutely necessary features and having a good mix of both will ensure you get maximum downloads. Plan thoroughly before execution so that you can introduce all aspects important and have a defined roadmap for development. With safety at the core, it is time to venture into unique solutions for Uber for kids app.

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