How can Uber flower delivery app help your florist business to be different from your rivals and earn profits?

How can Uber flower delivery app help your florist business to be different from your rivals and earn profits

The flower delivery industry is booming and has great scope in the future. Be an aggregator in the industry by opting for an Uber flower delivery app.


Can you send flowers to surprise the loved ones at their place at a specific time with just one click? The answer is, “definitely”. How? Well, an Uber for flower delivery could help a florist shop to help their customers to order the flowers just with a few clicks and have their order delivered at their doorstep. The Uber for flowers can be called as the daintiest startup emerging in different countries. The most attractive feature that these apps have is their pocket-friendly pricing structure.

There are various services of Uber available over the internet to provide people with their required services and to make their lives easier. The Uber for flower delivery will be the most exceptional service that will be made available to the customers to bring happiness at their fingertips.

Many on-demand flower delivery startups can be seen evolving in the market providing the customers with services like same-day deliveries or guaranteed next-day deliveries along with flowers and gift hampers.

Some of the popular flower delivery app startups that have made it big in the market are : The Bouqs Company, Bloomon, UrbanSteam, Bloom and Wild, Ferns and Petals, etc. If you want to build a clone flower delivery app get in touch with our expert today.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

The business model of the flower delivery app:

The business model of the Uber for flower delivery is based on the Taxi booking app. These apps are pre-approved by the Google Play Store and App Store so the business model is much easier to understand. The Flower Delivery app, the delivery person, and the client module are 100% responsive. All this will show up on personal digital assistants such as iPhone, iPad, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

The whole unit is loaded with the following unbelievable subsystems and apps allowing the business owner to maintain the system flawlessly.

  • Client iOS App
  • Client Android App
  • Client Web Panel
  • Flower Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Flower Delivery Driver Android App
  • Flower Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Admin Panel to control the Payments, Clients, Flower Delivery Drivers, etc.


Working of the Uber for flower delivery app:

Flowers are the best when it comes to expressing your feelings of gratitude, happiness, joy or sorrow. But many a time, people find it difficult to make time for going out and buying flowers and deliver it to the concerned person. The Uber for flower delivery comes in handy to solve these issues for the customers.

  • First, the user has to download the app and log in to it using either their social media account, email address or their mobile number. The customers can choose to create their new profiles by filling in the important details in the app.
  • The customers need to add in their payment details in the app The customers can save the credit card details to make sure easy and seamless payment when the flowers have been delivered. They can also add some payment wallets or even choose to pay in cash.
  • Whenever the customers need or wish to deliver flowers to someone, they can just log in to the app and make their selection with a variety of bouquets and flowers available.
  • The owners can even allow the purchase of some gifts along with the flowers for their customers making it easier for the customers to send the flowers and gifts to someone on their birthdays and anniversaries making the days special for their loved ones.
  • They can choose a flower-like Rose, Lily, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, etc. Once the main category is chosen, the user will have to choose from the subcategory like small, medium or large.
  • Once the request is placed, the request is sent out to the flower delivery persons available in the nearby area. A delivery driver then accepts the request and the order is processed through the florist.
  • The florist arranges the bouquet and the driver gets it at the scheduled time which the user has provided at the time of booking.
  • The delivery driver then picks up the order from the florist and delivers it at the delivery location to the person specified. The user can also ask to put in some kind of special message with the flowers and the gifts.
  • The florist is informed of the driver’s details like registration number and vehicle in order to avoid any confusion. This complete system can be tracked on the GPS map by the customer through the integrated map on the Uber for the flower delivery app.
  • Once the flower delivery driver completes the delivery, the customer who ordered it is notified of the same.

Features we can provide in Uber flower delivery app:

Like we have specified earlier, the model of the Uber for flower delivery app is similar to the Uber-like taxi booking app. This app also has three major modules that come into play when we develop the flower delivery app. The app is basically divided into the user module, the driver module, and the admin module. Along with these features, there are some general features that an ideal Uber for flower delivery app should have. They are as follows:

Features that can be incorporated in the on-demand flower app:

  • Inventory management
  • Multiple images for floral business
  • Various payment methods
  • Options to schedule delivery
  • Option to rate and review
  • Sales support

Here are the features that these modules should basically include:

  • User module for the flower delivery app:
  • Registration
  • Search product
  • Payment gateways
  • Order delivery
  • Reviews and feedback
  • GPS tracking in real-time
  • Quick order notification
  • Order status

Driver module for the flower delivery app:

  • Registration
  • Quick order notification
  • GPS tracking
  • Order status

Admin module for flower delivery app:

  • Check new orders
  • Accept payments
  • Control drivers and deliveries
  • Managing app settings
  • Floating promotional campaigns and marketing strategies

Scope of Flower Delivery Apps and the Technology stack used by Coruscate

If you are a florist or a startup interested to venture this new business opportunity, you should know the scope and the market trends in this arena.

There is no doubt that flower delivery is a billion-dollar business provided you use the latest technologies and have a high-quality and user-friendly app. A report in IBIS states that the last five years have been wonderful for the florist industry. They have raised a revenue of around $800 million.

Moreover, in 2015 the total sale of the U.S. flower industry has raised around 31.3 billion U.S. dollars. According to a report in Statista, the flower market is dynamic and growing very fast globally. Its growth is defined by three major factors: growers, wholesalers, and retailers.

If you are lagging behind in the profits earned in the industry that could be because of your competitors opting for a on demand flower delivery app. We use the latest technologies like iOS, Node JS, Mongo DB, Express Js, Android, and MVC for the development of your apps. The cost of development, however, varies depending on the features and time required to build each module of the app.

For further information regarding the features and cost of development, connect with us to schedule a free consultation session. We can help you to be an aggregator in the flower delivery business.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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