Get Complete Uber Clone for Cannabis On Demand Medical Marijuana Delivery


Two or three years back, the cannabis industry started thriving, with a number of startups coming forward, offering on-demand medical marijuana delivery services. Eaze was one among them, which went on to gain millions of dollars in funding from various investors. In fact, the startup enjoyed a 300% YoY gross sales in 2017.

With this, the on-demand Uber-like apps have entered a new segment, the medical marijuana niche. This uber-clone has made selling and doorstep delivery of medical marijuana easy and safe, taking into consideration all the legal aspects involved.

Who are using medical marijuana?

The sale of medical marijuana has become legal over the past two decades. However, the regulations on the use and sale are yet to be regulated and understood completely. The companies that are working in this segment, want the authorities to understand that marijuana can be used for different purposes, and it is important to understand the end purpose before promoting the sales of the product.

The different companies are working on collecting the data and analyzing the real purpose for which medical marijuana is being used, and are fighting hard to make it legal.

  • The medical marijuana bought online by several customers has helped them relieve the pain they felt in several body parts.
  • It also helped them treat chronic pain, migraine, anxiety, and arthritis.
  • According to findings, the people who bought marijuana preferred to place the orders sometime between 10-11 am.
  • According to the findings by Eaze, there was more demand for the product by iOS customers against Android users.

What do the medical marijuana on-demand services offer?


Firstly, these on-demand services offer a greater deal of convenience to the customers, and they don’t have to go to the store and reveal themselves to purchase it.

Though they have to submit a few credentials to make the purchase, the data is secure and the transactions are reliable. This means, apart from the authorities, they don’t have to fear being revealed to anyone else Most of the online apps that offer on-demand delivery of marijuana are registered. This simply means that the people opting for on-demand purchase are doing it in a legal way.

You can get it whenever you want, and you will know how many stores in your area, registered and legal, are selling marijuana. You can select the one that is closest to your dwelling, and ensure you get the marijuana as soon as you need it.

Patients can be treated in a better and comfortable manner with the effective and efficient delivery of medical marijuana.

Why work with Coruscate?


Coruscate has been working on delivering on-demand solutions for years now, since the inception of Uber and mobile apps. We use a combination of our experience, your needs, and a clear understanding of the industry to derive solutions for your unique needs.

Here’s how we work towards an on-demand solution for medical marijuana delivery

  • We will understand the prominent players involved in the efficient delivery of medical marijuana, and understand the supply chain completely.
  • We will further understand how the delivery system works, and for how long the medical marijuana can be stored. We also try to understand the nuances involving medical marijuana.
  • After that, we begin studying the market in the city or country we are planning to deliver the mobile app. We study the markets, the audience, the sellers, the buyers, and all the other nitty-gritty involved.
  • Once we have studied and researched every aspect of the delivery, we begin brainstorming for an effective on-demand app solution. We start working on all the features and functionality the app should have.
  • Once we are clear with the features, the app navigation, and other instances, we begin planning the app development process. We plan the technology platform, the user experience, and the user interface at this stage.
  • Once the planning stage is completed, we begin working on the designs and get it approved by the client. The designs approved, we begin with development.
  • Post the development of the app, we begin testing the app for various instances. Once clear, we perform ASO and keyword optimization and upload it to the app store.

Apart from a thorough process determining the development of an on-demand app, here are a few other reasons to work with us:

  • A dedicated team consisting of mobile app developers, UX designers, UI designers, business analysts, and testers.
  • Backend support available through the week, at your disposal. Immediate responses to your queries, and instant solutions to your problems.
  • The experience that will help you solve all your major issues and expertise that will help you get the best-in-class product.

Summing up


With the legalization of medical marijuana, the marketplace has opened up for the competition. If you have a unique and personalized way of getting in touch with the sellers and helping the buyers get the marijuana in time, then you will surge ahead of the competition and win more conversions.

If you are looking for mobile app development solutions, on-demand or otherwise, then connect with Coruscate. We offer highly progressive and world-class solutions to cater to your unique needs.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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