5 Uber App Features You Should Add in Your Taxi App for Customer Delight

Uber Features

When you visit a restaurant, the waiter asks you if your food should be served mild or spicy. You choose spicy and have your food customised to your taste. 

Later, you visit another restaurant, and this time the waiter asks you how spicy do you want the food to be on a scale of 1 to 10. 

This created a better customer experience because you felt heard and valued. Chances are, you will visit the restaurant again and even recommend it to others. 

Your business will never grow if your customers are not delighted. Therefore, go the extra mile, serve consumer needs and you will see the retention rate improve. 

Here are few features that will add great value to your Taxi App Business 

Book Ride With A Call 


Yes, the app should be the primary way to hail the ride. However, there are possibilities that a person who wants to book the ride either does not have access to the internet or does not know the way to use the app, especially elderly people. 

As a startup, you should not fail to benefit from a single consumer. 

By introducing a feature that allows people to call and book the ride, you would easily bring a large percentage of the population under your customer base

 In February 2020, Uber launched a similar service. People who want a ride need to call on a toll-free number where he shares his trip details with a real person.

 That person gives the price quote and books the ride on behalf of the rider. 

To bring such service in, you only need a toll-free number, a team, and a module in the admin panel from where your internal team can book the ride for riders. 

Ask User Preferences on each ride booking 


Your drivers have more control over your taxi booking app business than you! Because they have direct interaction with your app users. 

If they talk politely with riders, keep their car clean and customer-friendly, riders will give 5 stars to both the driver and your app.

But if the drivers fail to satisfy riders’ requirements – which they generally do -, both drivers and your app will receive 1 star. 

That’s why you have to ask the preferences of the riders while booking the ride and share their preferences with drivers. 

For instance, whenever a rider books the premium service of Uber, it asks whether he would be bothered if the driver was chatty and what the cabin temperature should be  and if he needs any help if he has bags. 

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Pay per hour, make multiple stops


Taxi apps have been notorious for the way they charge a fare. 

Generally, in every taxi app, sophisticated algorithms decide the pricing by taking many real-time factors into account. 

Because of the way the fare algorithms work, users who want to travel to multiple locations in a single ride have to pay more. 

And unfortunately, there is no way an algorithm can keep the fare low and let riders make multiple stops at the same time because it increases the running cost for drivers. 

The only solution here is retiring the dynamic fare algorithms and introducing a fixed per hour fare. 

In May 2020, Uber rolled out a similar feature. By paying $50 for an hour, a rider can book the ride and make multiple stops. 

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Let a user book his favorite driver


Even if you ask a single user or carry out a survey of 1000 users, you would most likely get to know the same thing that this is a feature that all users want to have in the app. 

Many times after an encounter with a good driver, a user wants to be in the car of the same driver the next day. 

A few users also prefer to explore the profile of all nearby drivers to evaluate and select their drivers by themselves. 

Such requirements of the users should be addressed to make sure they are getting a good customer experience. 

By letting a user book his favorite driver, you are also forcing drivers to be accountable for his job because if he does not provide a good riding experience to the rider, the rider will not add him to the favorite list. 

Recently, Uber has launched a feature that not only allows riders to book the ride a month in advance but also allows them to select the favorite driver. 

Multiple services from a single app


You might be already planning to integrate the taxi and delivery app module in the single app as it requires very few resources to offer delivery services if you already have drivers registered on your taxi app.  

A multi-purpose app facilitates you to generate multiple revenue streams, reduces your app development, management, and marketing cost, and covers the larger customer base. 

It also helps your users to feed their multiple needs from the single app. 

Your own taxi app with advanced features + integrated delivery app module + free business consultation = 200% ROI 


 It was a challenging time for all taxi app owners. It was a challenging time for our team too. 

Because we wanted to let them explore new market opportunities with the same app. 

After investing 10 hours daily for 2 months, we came up with a remarkable solution – taxi + delivery app solution. 

Many startups are leveraging this groundbreaking solution to keep their revenue high in an era when the delivery service has already outpaced a taxi service.  

You can also start making dollars instantly with a delivery app and double the revenue when the taxi app business will boom again in 2021. 

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