How a Defined Analysis Procedure Helped Our Client With Analyzing the Audience Sentiments On Twitter?

The client was a public figure with hundreds of followers on social media. The client
had issues understanding what the followers expect from them on the social media,
and their reactions in general. They connected with Coruscate to identify a method to
analyze the audience sentiments and reciprocate accordingly.

The Broad Requirements

  • They wanted to fetch the user reactions without connecting with the Twitter API.
  • They wanted to ensure that all the security measures are taken care of, while connecting with the Twitter audience.
  • The client wanted a defined process to be able to track the messages, and consider only the ones that make sense and assign meaning to the tasks in hand.

The Solution

Coruscate identified an algorithm that will identify, track and process the dataset available in order to understand the audience reactions.


The data would be extracted using the scraping libraries such as Scrappy, BeautifulSoup and Selenium, and the algorithm would then prepare the tweets by removing all the non-contextual words.

Requirement check

Processing the tweets

In order to understand the topics that concern the audience, the tweets would be processed and using gensim, the training dataset would be prepared.

TextBlob and other tools would be used to identify and categorize the tweets.

Planning and Designing


  • Greater understanding of the audience needs, and an increase in the user visibility.
  • The order management has led to an increase in the number of orders placed for the products
  • The company is able to attend to client queries faster with the help of the automated reports.