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5 Key Trends In Mobile App Design 2022

Mobile app UI design trends never stay the same. It changes over time with new technologies

With the rising popularity of mobile apps, everyone is trying to make their place in the market. To be in the competition it is important to understand the latest trends in technology.

To achieve more user interaction and to minimize the bounce rate, It is important to imply the latest and trendy mobile app design to your application. 

Our UI UX experts have made a report on what are the latest trends in terms of mobile app designs and based on that here we’ve outlined the 5 most important trends in mobile app UI design in 2022.

5 Key Trends In Mobile App Design 2022

These trends consist of app design, colours, visual to AR design solutions. 

1. In-app gestures

This makes an app more user-friendly and attractive with in-app gesture implementation.

Some android apps have the feature of activating the screen by double tapping.

Instagram has built the gesture of double tap to like the posts.

In-app gesture ideas for mobile app design:

• Pinch to zoom

• Swipe to navigate

• Double Tap to Click

• Rotate Screen with Fingertips

Example: https://youtu.be/unvJOgxW0x4

2. Asymmetric Menus & Galleries

It brings the user’s focus to every listed thing in the app. 

Especially for apps like e-commerce apps or listing apps must follow these design trends. Visual flow of an app should cover all the items when the user opens the app.

Also, disruption of patterns will help to create a unique identity of your brand/app.

Instead of creating a symmetric design, apply these asymmetric approaches:

• Collapse Gutters

• Overlay Multiple Elements

• Embrace the white space by the asymmetric flow.

3. Augmented Reality(AR) in UI

Number of mobile AR active users has been predicted to reach 1.7 billion by 2024.

Augmented Reality has become more popular as it does not require any extra hardware devices and also gives an amazing super effective UI experience to the users.

Such as

• Virtual Visualization of how the product will look or fit. For example, Lenskart is providing AR features for a visual representation of how the glasses will look on the user’s face.

Get ahead of time by implementing Augmented Reality into your mobile app design. It is hard to implement AR to your app with a small team of UI UX experts.

You can hire UI UX experts for the same.

Example: https://youtu.be/UudV1VdFtuQ

4. Motion: Videos & Animations

Reports say that 96% of the people prefer to watch a video or animation to learn about a product or anything else.

When motions are used subtly, it helps users create an imaginary model of how your service or product works. It will create an impact on users for a longer time.

One can use motions to convey a message. Implement motion in your mobile app design as

• Transitions

• GIFs

• Short Videos

• Introductory Motion Effect

Example: https://youtu.be/BePoG2ONkTw

5. Futuristic colours

These types of colours remind us of modern technology and inventions. 

Some of the futuristic colours are Blue, Purple, Pink, and Green.

By using futuristic colours, one can drive attention to the most important part of your applications.

Decide on the colour scheme wisely.

Before finalizing the colour scheme, one should consider factors such as 

• Target audience

• Age group

• Gender

• Location

• Purpose of the app

It is difficult to identify what type of design suits you the best followed by the latest technology and trends. Choosing the perfect mobile app UI design, it requires expertise and thorough research of your market needs.

Hire UI UX experts to design your mobile application. 

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